Does your brain go...ppphhhhttttt! when you go low? ....mine does

Hay Bob, That is a good way to put it ppphhhttt. I was working inside sales and had a low while on the phone with a customer the letters on the crt did not make since lines were not connecting right. That is one story of many.
Keep on trucking

Since I live alone, when I have a low I usually try to get one of my friends on the phone so I have someone to talk me “through it” because as long as I am talking to someone I can function through the low. In a pinch the dog and cat get talked too. Not that I make a whole lot of sense to even myself. I still get the shakes and my heart speeds up, which is my first indicator that I have gone low. Some times it is just a “shaking” inside, but always I can’t seem to make the written word act right, It likes to skittle, shimmy across the page, or just do the “fuzzy” dance and I have to walk away, get someone to bring it up, then go back after a while. But ya my brain does the pppphhhhtttt. It sure as hell isn’t “engaged” at that point. I missed drive and and gunning my engine in nuetral. lol!!!

Nicely put Karen, definitely not engaged at that point…it’s always the battle to not over-rev when missing the gear…Have you considered cgms as you say you live alone…it might bring you peace of mind.

No I didn’t know about them. I am newly diagnosis as of January and I am not sure medicaid would cover it, anyway. But, it is a nice thought, thanks.

Low, brain going ppphhhttt! Ugh Yes!! No telling how many times I totally talk no sence and another thing I tend to do is get so mad at folks who are trying to help me out I generally make them as mad at me in return! HA! DON"T TELL ME TO EAT SOMETHING I’M FINE!!! HA!!Also please don’t tell me I need to take a glusone tablet I WILL HURT YOU!! HA!! Oh and one more thing I tend not to be able to see the key on the keyboard here! I was talking to a girl oneday here and all of a sudden started hitting the wrong keys she e-mailed me back and ask what was wrong I told her I needed to get off the computer for awhile then checked my bs it was at 37 so well I finally gave into a “real” coke and after about 30 minutes got back on ! She ask what was happening to me and I told her I had to take a “real” coke break! She wasn’t diabetic and had no diabetics in her family needless to say she thought I was crazy!!! HA!!!

Funny you should ask, Bob!

Great vlog Windy…