How do you behave

How do you behave when going in the process of going low?

For me, I can tell I’m dropping because I’ll act all “manic”-like: cleaning everything, running around looking for something but then forget what im looking for, and I’ll just act really silly.

so how about you?

i’m a naturally high strung person. going low means that trait of mine gets worse. i get irritated 10 times faster than when i am not low and like you i get all manic and panicky. sometimes i get a bit dazed, like i don’t know what is going on around me.

Yeah that happens to me too! The worse part is when it happens at work and my coworkers think that im either a)hungover, or b) not focused on my work. I’ve snapped a few times at them when my blood sugar was dropping fast and I told them i’d be right back, need to test blod sugar and they told me to take the next customer first. thats when I get ugly!

I usually know I’m going low and then have a sort of panicky reaction… and sometime, even though I know I’m going low, I feel like I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to finish whatever it is I’m doing before I check & treat. It’s weird. Fortunately, I usually recognize it as something that means I have to stop anyways.

I feel lucky that I don’t have any aggression or anger when I’m low… I just feel panicky and upset.

  1. I can’t focus on anything, much less finish anything.
  2. I will start sobbing - big dramatic choking sobs.
  3. If I’m walking, I feel like the sidewalk is moving under me, like I’m on atreadmill.

I’m downright mean.

I often have no symptoms at all until I hit about 2.0 mmol/l (36 mg/dl or thereabouts). Then I start walking around the flat searching obsessively for (a) the hat I’m wearing, (b) a piece of work I don’t need to do or © frogs that have never lived in my flat. This behaviour is a scientifically recognised sign that I’m hypo. Unfortunately, I am no scientist. I’m usually unaware of the behaviour at the time or rather, that there’s anything peculiar about it (particularly as my girlfriend tells me that the behaviour of a naturally observed Ross In The Wild is not a million miles away from this anyway). I find it useful to leave dextrose tablets in nooks and crannies (the kinds of ones where my imaginary frogs might live). That seems to help me realise what’s wrong and catch it before it gets too bad. The worrying thing is the lack of symptoms until I’ve lost it. Sometimes I start shaking slightly in my upper torso before I get so low. I used to get a rather pleasant metallic taste on my palate. Sadly no longer.

Yeah, I think I get finicky and shaky at times. But for the most part I’d say pretty normal depending on how low.

Tony (almost 2) will get upset about his toys not working the way he wants them too, like he’ll be pushing a car along and flips it upside down and cries cause it won’t scoot right. Lately he’ll say “irsy” which means he’s thirsty but then I get him a drink and he’ll cry about it. He’s usually around 35-50 when he shows signs-kind of scary!

My husband also walks around likes he’s looking frantically for something. He gets nasty and doesn’t want to eat. He also says he feels “immortal” like nothing can hurt him. At that point I am trying to force juice down his throat…

I get panicky and shaky, but totally distracted too. It’s like there’s an urgency to what ever I’m doing, but I just can’t focus enough to get it done, and I’ll think of something else that needs my attention immediately. If I’m shaking or it’s literally hard for me to function, then I’ll test & treat.

Sometimes (mainly when exercising) I don’t have any symptoms except a flushed face followed by my legs and body no longer cooperating with me. It’s like all of a sudden my legs “won’t go”.

i get that while exercising too. well, sometimes at least. it’s like your legs going all jelly like and refusing to go on running or doing whatever you’re up to. and my head will begin to throb at this point in time the. i also feel shaky and a little dizzy if i am very, very low.

I get REALLY bitchy! I will tell everybody off and not think twice about it! Thank God for a understanding family! Unforchanly (sp) for them they get to hear it all.Yes I forget almost everything I start to do which just adds to my flustration! And bless my hubby heart he will tell me to check my bs and I will get really stuborn then. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME! Ofcourse I’m wrong but you can’t tell me that at the time! HA!

I read somewhere that they refered to this as “Regan-Rage”, in reference to the movie “The Exorcist”. I thought that was pretty funny.

I can’t tell when my blood sugar gets low… My family said that I talk funny, I start something and never finish…I have this look on my face that I’m in outer space…

My problem is that I usually only go low when I am exercising. I don’t feel it when I am on my bike or walking or even when I am gardening. It’s only when I am back in the house and not moving that I recognize that I feel weird. When I test I am often around 60 and still heading down. I feel disoriented and in an altered state of consciousness.

I get shakey and like I’m drunk and not too nice. And please for h@ll’s sake DON’T tell me my BG has dropped!!! I had to really get a grip with this and recognize it for what it was.

Good one Chloe I’ll have to tell my family that one! Of course they will laugh like crazy at me! They refer to that as one of mamma’s “moods” HA!

You sound like me Marsha. Don’t try to tell me I’m low I will go off into orbit if you try to tell me that!

I become a pain to be around :smiley:
I get really irritable, as if I’ve been telling people to leave me be all day and they just won’t listen. I’ve gotten better at noticing this before it ticks people off (though they understand once explain why that is). When I’m by myself, I notice my thoughts (about anything) can get real negative real quick, so that automatically makes me focus on how I feel and whether I should test.

In an extreme case, I can get really disoriented (which is the worst, because I don’t even have enough sense to think I may be going low and take care of it). I can barely talk, and what I can say makes no sense. But it’s weird, because there’s always this one tiny part of my mind that seems clear, and gets frustrated at the fact I can’t even speak. I may also start feeling physically sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked drunk to someone else. Like a mean drunk XD