Doing it in public

This afternoon I was at lunch with the boyfriend, and I whipped out my insulin and injected right there at the table. I’m getting more comfortable injecting and testing in public. I think most people know that when you’re sticking a syringe in your tummy it’s pretty innocent.

So we are sitting at the table this afternoon and I inject really quickly and that’s that.

“You know,” Dan said, “when you inject in public you do it a lot quicker.”

“Really?” I said, thinking about this observation.

“Yeah,” he said. “Either you’re embarrassed out in the public, or you’re just melodramatic about it at home.

Hmmm…I wonder which it is.

It’s weird, but I think having to “perform” something in public gives me more confidence than when I’m at home and I can take the time to worry about it.

So I think it’s both… but not embarrassed so much about the shot/testing, but embarrassed to really let it show how you feel about it :slight_smile:

I am a type 2 and when I first was diagnosed I was put on insulin, now I am on pills. I guess the body decided to kick start who knows. I remember the first time I had to shoot insulin outside of my house was at a park. I decided to have a meal in the park. I got ready and when the time came, I went right back in the car and shot the insulin in the car. I had the needle in hand but could not do it in public. Later on i found the situation a bit humourous since I got the crazy stares from the mommies at the park, I guess they thought I was a junkie. I tend to laugh at my situations or the perception of the situation through the eyes of others after the incident. After a while I did not care where I shot up. I guess eventually you just got to keep going

i have to admit i don’t want people watching me or thinking anything weird, but usually in a crowded place nobody is going to notice you and heck if they do you just remember you don’t have to explain it to them (unless you want to take the time to educate).

That is so funny, Because in my mind I just went back several years, where sitting in my house about to do a shot I would count to about 100 very quickly before I stuck myself ( like a very extended 1,2,3) and in public I would just hurry and get it over with. Not sure why but. I find this topic interesting, it make me laugh at how silly I was, But I do believe if I had to give myself a shot with a syringe ( I have been using omnipod pump since september 08) I would definately count to 100…

As long as you get that shot taken care of, it shouldn’t matter how melodramatic you want to be…


I think it’s somewhere in the middle. Obviously what everyone does is their own business, and I don’t appreciate people (complete strangers) looking over to see me give myself an injection. However I do acknowledge that not everyone is comfortable with needles, and I’m not about to put an undue burden on someone if I can be discrete. I’m not going to hide my Diabetes from people, I just consider it being polite or courteous.

Of course, that is one of the big perks of using an insulin pen. I can be particularly “stealth” with my injections if necessary.

Hahaha, just the other day I was sitting in the lunchroom at work with a co-worker and I was going to go to the bathroom to do my injection ( because others can be squeamish ) and I looked at her and said " this going to bother you?" while holding up my insulin pen. She is a nursing student though and she laughed and said she wanted to watch! Anyone eavesdropping would have gotten a laugh.

So, now at least I know it depends on the person you are with.

Started pumping today, so I guess I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Eight years later I finally have some freedom.

I test and inject in public all the time. Most people are so wrapped up in themselves they don’t even notice.

I was at dinner the other day and always bolus or before pump injected and tested in public and never got any looks. Until the other day, two waitresses just was staring and I continued and smiled back. I guess they was not use to it and was wondering what the heck I was doing. They did not say anything like you can’t do that here or nothing. Thank goodness because I would have caused a scene. LOL Just normal curiosity, but it was an odd feeling being stared at.