Donating whole blood and volatile numbers afterward

I have been donating blood for many years, nearing 5 gallons lifetime total. However, this week, I have had my bloodsugars skyrocket then plunge. I was over 400 mg/dL on 3 occasions, and in the 50s one three other occasions. My CGM graph looks like a crazy roller coaster.

This is the first time I have had this happen.

Any ideas?

I don't know about the blood sugars and I have never donated blood. The one time I tried to they told me I didn't weigh enough. I know we need blood donations obviously but maybe you shouldn't do it if it spiked you after doing it this time? I also was told it is not a good idea to do it more than once per year because it can affect your bone marrow production and all of those cells.

This is interesting. I used to donate blood regularly, but after dx they told me I was no longer eligible to.

I donated blood yesterday for the first time. I went a little low after, but nothing that couldn't be attributed to something else. I was then high overnight, but I had a carby dinner so I was thinking that was it.

I was told I could not give blood as well.

About 10 years ago, the American Red Cross told me I was ineligible because of injecting insulin, but about 8 years ago, I accompanied my husband to a blood drive at my church, and was invited to donate then. I was so excited! They told me they had a new process for “filtering” the blood, and being diabetic was no longer a problem, as long as my control was tight. My endo has also given me the green light.

After receiving a transfusion due to complications of my first labor and delivery, I felt compelled to be a regular donor and have donated every 8 weeks since, with the exceptions of my next 2 pregnancies. I feel like I am giving back.

Until this week, I have never had any adverse diabetic problems afterward. In fact, my control is usually better the few weeks following a donation.

That is why I posted this discussion, to see if others had reactions more like my usual, or more like this week’s crazy swings.

Wow, congratulations on your lifetime total. I've never donated but I'm always curious about it as a diabetic. Seems like there's a lot of misinformation about it. My only guess would be an IOB issue related to the timing of the purge. Though doesn't donating blood usually cause just a dip in bg?
In retrospect, sorry nothing new here... just wanted to say well done on your accomplishment and hopefully you will see that 5 gal. total one day