Downloading data

I have just travelled overseas and have skipped 10 hours in the day. Is there a way that I can upload the data with indicating this?

When you change the time on the Dexcom, it appears to shift the time rather than skip back/forward. This means that you'll never have overlapping readings because of a time change. When you travel back 10 hours to your original time, it will appear as though nothing has happened in the Dexcom logs.

Correct, but it will never be accurate for the duration of my stay and even more so, once i upload all my data when i get back.

I've traveled across time zones many times (and daylight savings 2x a year). I just change the time on the Dexcom as necessary, and it continues to work as it always does. I'm not sure what more you are expecting from it. Can you clarify what the problem is?