Dr Bernstein followers

If you are stablising your bs with a lchf diet succesfully, can i ask 2 things?

  1. what impact has the diet/lifestyle made upon your bodyfat?
  2. Dr Bernstein doesnt believe that calories in vs calories out will atribute to weight gain. In effect you cant eat as much lchf as you want and…not get fat. Do you believe this?

I am part of a few diabetic forums, but 1 inparticular makes bernstein a demigod. I wont name names, but if you dont follow lchf and have a different opinion on bs control, your not really welcome. To the point where point number 2 listed above is also true and correct according to most who visit this forum.
So i propose the questions to Tu which i consider a greater demographic. With paticular reference to point number 2…is bernstein right? Do calories in vs calories out not matter when it comes to losing/gaining weight?

When I first started, I lost too much weight that I couldn't afford to lose. I had to increase protein to gain & maintain weight. So, I'd say that not eating excess protein is a part of the weight loss equation. Dr. Bernstein's (& Atkins)recommendation is moderate protein. Since Dr. Bernstein also stresses portion control, both carbs & protein, it's also not super high calorie.

im very interested to see how things progress, particularly with triathlons. I dont know anyone who does these with such low carbs of 60-80. Keep in touch with it all :)

ahhh, i did not know this. So bernstein says to use portion control. Well that makes a bit more sense

I don't think Dr Bernstein believes in unlimited calories. He actually says he prefers you not to snack between meals. If you look at his suggested menus the portions are normal, not unlimited. A lot of people use Dr Bernstein as a framework and add in other low carb diets. I count carbs and am pretty close to Dr B's, but I find I need to snack for better bg control. He does believe in using medications and insulins to achieve that optimal 83 bg. I would rather use less medication so my average is closer to 100 than his 83. I doubt I could get to 83 without using insulin. I have been at my optimum weight for 2 years. The only time I lost too much weight was when I was on a Statin drug. I lost way too much muscle. Going off the statin let me gain back those 10 pounds of muscle. Dr B also believes in a ton of weight bearing exercise to keep muscle tone.

FYI: Jonas Colting is a famous triathlete from Sweden who follows LCHF
You will find a similar POV I'm sure coming from the Palo ideologue Mark Sisson http://www.marksdailyapple.com/
a world champion triathlete.
LCHF magazine in English one off edition

I do low carb but I do watch the fats. I found that the higher fat intake was leading to some weight gain. My meals are mostly made up of veggies and protein and I do keep an eye on calories. I am currently training for a half marathon which I will run next week. So as far as impact on that, the low carb thing has been working fine. I really do it for one reason only...blood glucose predictability and decreased insulin amounts. The less bolus insulin I take, the less chance for the roller coaster ups and downs and the better I feel.

I've been on low carb since 2007 and doing well with BS, but started gaining weight last fall. I did low carb plus low calorie (900 a day) between Thanksgiving and New Years. Did not lose a single stinking ounce. TuD people said eat more fat. Well yuck, I don't like fat. But I did it, and stopped paying attention to calories (though habit does keep me from excess) and have lost 10 of those pounds. So, for me it works. I think Gary Taubes is more responsible for the "calories don't count on low carb" theory. Bernstein recommends small portions for good BS control.

Interesting! Could you share the kinds of fat you incorporated into your diet? Maybe my recent few pound weight gain was due to not getting enough fat.

i would say that may be the case in Jans case. 900cals is very low. You body needs energy to burn fat. A double edged sword, but if you dont get anough calories to fuel the fire, it can be hard going.

Full fat Greek yogurt with sugarfree whipped cream on top. Bacon. More bacon. Butter on everything or just eat a cube of it, it makes my vegetables slimy. Nuts, but not peanuts except for peanut butter on celery. Fatty cuts of meat. I make my low carb flaxseed muffin with two teaspoons of oil and 2 eggs (takes 90 seconds in the microwave) and then put lots of butter or cream cheese on it. Eggs (I get 10 a day from my hens). More bacon. I add feta cheese, bacon and hard boiled eggs to my salads. And when I can't seem to make myself EAT any more fat, I take capsules: salmon oil, flaxseed oil, etc. (My cholesterol is 123, with all the pieces in the right place.)

Avocadoes! How could I forget that? I'm trying some of the really great low carb recipes online (corned beef hash made with cauliflower instead of potatoes is a recent good one). I'm learning to buy the cheaper cuts of meat that aren't so lean, chicken thighs instead of breast, higher fat hamburger. I really have no problem cutting out the carb, though I'll go a little nuts on fresh veggies (broccoli, green beans, spinach...yum). If I could afford good salmon every day, I'd eat it.

oooh, I love corned beef hash! That sounds like a great way to make it!!

And then you can poach an egg or two in the middle of it!

Or try using cubed and boiled turnips as a potato substitute instead of cauliflower. Thanks for your fat update. it seems I must eat more fat than I think as I pretty much eat all the things you listed!

I was Dxed in late Sept 2011 gad+ T1. I am 5'7" weighed 214 lbs. Lost 35 pounds by Mar 1st. Have not lost any weight in the last month. I eat fatty beef, all forms of pork, dark meat chicken with skin, seafood of all kinds, eggs, tree nuts, cheese, lettuce, brocolli, asperagas, cabbage, pork rines; as much as I want and whenever I am hungry. I am early LADA and have not seen a bg over 120 in 60 days and I would estimate my a1c at around 5.0 down from 5.7 at dx. No diabetic medications of any kind so far.
Just hoping to extend the honeymoon and have good control when insulin is introduced into my life.