Drug companies: can they contribute to health care system support?

drug companies can contribute more to support diabetics:
1- a percentage of money spent on advertisements,political campaigns,social entertainment of doctors can contibute to support health system,and increase of public awreness and education

2-decrease the price of medicins

3- contribute more in the field of research

I am going to wade in here and I am sure will catch a lot of flak for doing so, but here goes. Education of the public is definitely needed here. Drug companies are businesses just like anything else. People feel much antipathy for them because they are needed so much in our lives just like doctors and hospitals. There are many, many millions of dollars in donations from drug companies to virtually every hospital each year. Yes, money is spent on advertising and political donations are made just like every other business. Yes business dinners are provided for doctors and health care personnel to get themn to sit down for hours at a time to listen to the latest research and technology about new products. This is paying them for their time.
Drug companies do not actually set the price of their medications. Check into how much pharmacies increase the prices of each drug and you will see where the extra money actually goes.
As far as spending more in the field of research goes, drug companies actually spend billions on research each year. How much more would you have them spend?
I realize each of us has to spend a very great deal of money to cover our drug expenses for our diabetes and other health issues each month. All of us are in the same boat there. And i realize that for each of us it would be so nice not to have to struggle each month to cover all the bases. I just don’t thiink that all the problems rest with just one place. If it did, then it would be so much easier to fix. I wish we could all have a cure right now and be out from under all of our health issues.

In a word YES to all your commits! I think drug companys are just keeping the things that might lead to a cure for the money it takes all of us diabetics to live yet one more day! My own opinion here if anyone disagrees with it please keep this in mind!