Dry Mouth ? in a T1?

My best friend is a T1.
Diagnosed at 2 years old (shots started at 2 years old, administered by his parents).
He started his own shots around at around 9 years old.
Presently he is on insulin, high blood pressure tablets, and intragam (for neuropathy).
He complained recently to me of extreme dry mouth.
His Endo advised him by phone that it may be a syndrome which may need further testing.
My friend did not catch which syndrome it may be.
He is now 48 years old, and just showing minor signs of complications in all the typical areas.
Can anybody comment on the dry mouth?
Any remedies you may suggest, eg water, lubes for the mouth??
Thanks. Michael.

Been D for 36 years, haven’t noticed dry mouth but that’s not to say it couldn’t be a symptom of something or side effect of Diabetes. It’ll be interesting to see the replies.

I take Micardis/HCT for my blood pressure and it gives me dry mouth at times, but he should get it checked out. Water doesn’t help mine, I need something syrupy, like diet soda, to get relief

Michael - I’m like your friend - with diabetes for a long time - and I guess for myself I’m used to having a dry mouth. Only meds I’m on other then insulin is Avapro for high blood pressure (aka to preserve my kidneys - never had high blood pressure - but told to go on it).I know that I’ve been told off by my endo that I should drink more water - but I’m really bad (tho’ in the winter - tap water is so cold - it is good - but - sigh - do I drink it more … nope).

I know sometimes when I’ve had a dry mouth, I think that my blood sugar (BG) is high, but often the case is, I’m fine, just haven’t drunk enough water.

Does your friend drink alot of coffee? I tend to drink a few cups of espresso during the day, and that can leave the mouth pretty dry (and leave stinky coffee breath - no wonder I don’t attract any stud muffins my way).

Keep us posted on how he is doing (or maybe get him to sign up here at Tudiabetes - tell him not to be shy :wink: )

Okay - gotta run - pump just told me - battery low - that means - 1 hour left of juice - darn - and I’m about to go to bed here in Canada! Urrrhhh!!

Anna aka Fat Cat Anna from Montreal
The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes

Nice one Tom.
He also has intolerance to gluten, which, is an auto-immune disease (as is Sjogren’s syndrome, as I understand it)
So good chance its Sjogren’s syndrome (??).
We should follow with tests soon.
Thanks for the heads up.