Dual Wave

I’ve been on the pump for about 8 years and have almost always used a normal bolus. Any advice on using dual and square wave boluses? I don’t eat a lot of fat, but usually have almonds and a hard boiled egg with breakfast, a piece of cheese on my sandwich at lunch, and sometimes cheese and other semi fat foods with dinner. My endo suggested I try to cover my food with different types of boluses and suggested starting with a 50% now and 50% over 1 hour. Then running a bunch of experiments to see what might work. Anyone have any experience with this? At least to give me ideas to try. Let me know!

The only advice I have Kate, is to be Testalicious (if you add -alicious to anything it makes it better :wink:

I keep track of what I ate, and then tweak the dual wave up or down slightly and test, test test myself to see how my blood sugar is reacting. I usually test myself every 30 minutes to one hour, while the dual wave is in progress. You should definitely ask for a script for more test strips too, if you need them.

With the additional testing, If I start to go low, I can catch it before it gets too bad and remember next time to go more toward the square wave; and if I start to go high, I will note that I should have given more insulin towards the normal bolus versus the square wave part. Once you have figured the optimal settings for different types (and amounts) of foods blood sugars will flow so smooth you won’t believe your A1c results. Just don’t forget to keep track of everything (blood sugars, time, and type and amount of food).

Currently I use the dual wave for almost everything I eat.

Good Luck Kate! Anyone else with some more suggestions, please join in.