Duprens aka trigger fringer

I have had trigger finger for 21/2 years and have had two cortizone shots. If it comes back I’ll have to have surgery. Has anybody had a problem with this and what did you do?

The doctor I went to see said the same thing. The first shotn lasted about a year and the second I had around Febrauy 09, It’s starting to get a little stiff. How long was your recovery? Thanks for you reply.

I’ve had TF sugery on three fingers. The first one I had let go for way too long but at the time I didnt have insurance. But each time I had the surgery I bounced right back. Its now been about 15 years since I had the last surgery and hopefully wont need it again. But I think the surgery is probably easier than a shot in the hand.

I had a very annoying one on my middle finger. It got so bad that sometimes it would lock for a few minutes. Ugh. I had one injection which did nothing. I didn’t want to go through surgery, even if it just was a short procedure, so I continued to put up with it. Then, one day, I noticed it was gone. I still have the nodule on my palm (about the size of half a pea) but I can freely move the finger in all directions with no catching. Go figure. I do a lot of keyboard work and a lot of knitting…

This is a tendon issue, not nerves. I had surgery - minor and a permanent fix. Cortizone shots are painful and temporary in most cases. Here is a link with nice animations and explanations about what is going on.


I had almost 30 years ago and doc gave me a shot and that cleared it. But he did say if it didn’t help I would have to have surgery…haven’t had any problems since.

I have a diabetic friend who have TF for almost 3 years now. She fears surgery so much that she tried all sorts of methods recommended by her doctor from splinting it, to soaking it in warm water, to massaging it…she even tried accupuncture. She was still in pain so she even tried the cortisone into the tendon sheath. Just about 4 months ago she underwent a procedure called “Percutaneous trigger finger release” to release the “locked finger”. Im not sure if thats surgery (since I wasnt there) since doctors used just local anesthesia. So far it seems its working good for her. I hope you will fell better soon too Bruce =)

Thanks for all your responses, it gives me something to think about. It’s nice to know other people are going through the same things and you can put it up on the page and get feed back.

I have had the surgery twice, five years apart and in the same place on my right hand. Last time around I did some research and there are some high end facilities around the country who have gone to a lazer (?) method that prety much deletes the recovery time completely. Most good hand docs will cut and go in and clean off the tendons very quickly. The process is quick and the results are GREAT!.

I find that cortisone is just prolonging and gives you a few days towork on screwed up b/g’s. Talk with a couple of good hand physicians and go in well versed so you can ask questions and make a good decision. As Dave said it’s a local and quick, and before you know it you’re not second guessing giving a handshake anymore! Best of luck on your decision…