Early evening lows

Hi folks -

Anyone out there have problems with early evening lows? I seem to crash every night right around 7PM. My basals seem fine for the rest of the day (I'm on a pump) whether I'm eating or not, and I've tried cutting them back by about 25% starting at around 5PM, but I'm still hitting a low around 7. My wife and I end up eating around 9 because of work and getting the baby to bed, but shouldn't I be able to go 6-7 hours without eating? Frustrating. Any insight would be SO welcome.


- Tony

You may need to drop it by more than 25%… it’s also possible that moving the change back another hour to 4 could help as well.

With your basal profiles set, you should be able to fast all day without problems…

I’m gonna try dialing it back a bit more, an hour earlier - thanks!



What does +1 mean that you add to the comments?

Remember, the insulin used during the 6-7pm time frame is actually insulin you took between 4-5, so you may need to dial back earlier in order to prevent the low.

I tend to eat dinner around 9/10 pm (lunch around 1/2 pm) due to late work hours, commute home and the time to cook dinner and am usually in range until then and this is using lantus…so I think with a pump you could fine tune it much more.

Yeah - I think what’s happening is something like the end of my honeymoon; I’ve had to up my basals at all other times of the day, but maybe the ol’ pancreas is still kicking in for sundowners. A year ago I didn’t have this at all. Weird.

Gotcha. Thanks.