Easier way to restart dexcom wo removing transmitter

I had “Telecare” test strips that were VERY thick. I would remove part of the sticky branding on them.

I’ve tried using a VERIO test strip—yes, they are much flimsier and I wasn’t sure I could get it underneath between the sensor nodes and transmitter nodes. I’d suggest finding “one tool” that’s slender and thin enough to consistently use.

I could never figure out the guitar pick or credit card move to actually remove the transmitter from the sensor. I’m just not that talented. :smiley:

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I continue to use this method, using a metal hair clip or the iFixIt Jimmy tool I got on amazon to release the clips on each side of sensor.

I’m sure it’s me and my “technique”— when I’ve done it on me, I seem to pull the sensor out too far from my belly or snap the sensor’s plastic casing .

When I’ve tried to “figure it out” by removing the sensor from my body and using the clip while the sensor is off of me to practice technique, I can’t get enough “wiggle” to pop the clips holding the transmitter.

I’m sure it’s me… :slight_smile:

It took me a while to learn how to do it. I’m just glad disrupting the nodes works. Even with my diabetic gear and meds increasing on average $5-25 per refill—I’m still coming out slightly ahead. It’s a big help.

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You mentioned guitar picks and credit cards. I think that’s your trouble. A credit card is WAY too thick and stiff. Likewise, guitar picks aren’t all created equal. Some are really thin and flexible, while others are thick and stiff. I’m guessing yours falls into that latter category.

I’d recommend to keep practicing like you had before, with an old sensor that has been removed, and just keep rummaging through your home looking the something really thin, flexible, and stiff to use. Once you find a tool that works, guard it closely!

My favorite is a plastic laminated insurance card. It’s actually a blank that wasn’t printed on, came empty next to my real insurance card. That plastic laminated paper is just perfect. I had to write “This is not trash!!!” on it, because if kept finding it’s way into the garbage bin.

I’ve also used those curved, snappy hair clips, a scrap of 3-d printed plastic that was just 1 layer thick, and a piece I cut out of a plastic 3-ring binder.

I have used a plastic library card, or the smaller shopper cards that can be put on key ring.

Just needs to be thin and sturdy.

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I use whatever is handy - lately that’s been a small Swiss Army pen knife. The blade is super thin and rigid - works like a charm even one-handed for those tricky arm locations.