Editing old posts

Hey all,

Many of you noticed that you are not able to edit your posts that ported over here from our old website on the Ning platform. This is an intentional feature on Discourse, so that people don’t go back and tinker with posts long after the fact in a way that adversely affects the ensuing conversation, but it is also something customizable.

So for the rest of May we have changed this feature to enable you to edit your old posts from the Ning site - some of which may be showing up funky due to the migration process. In June we will reinstate a 60-day time limit on post editing.

Edit away!

Can we delete them? I am not sure of the purpose of posts from 2010, for example!! Is there a set period of time after which posts are deleted or are they here forever?

@Nellje, they’re here forever, with the exception that some things did not port over with us from the Ning site. We don’t delete posts after a set amount of time, though.

If there are conversations that you started and would like to delete this system may only allow you to do that if the post has no comments. To be honest, I’m not sure how that works yet over here.

OK, thanks. It sounds like 20 years after I have passed on, people can go back and read mine and other posts and wonder what the heck those folks meant way back when!

By the way, I was logged in already and when I finished the text above, I looked for ‘reply’ and saw that I needed to login. I hit login and suddenly I was logged in – without going thru the login process. Not a question, just an observation!

Hi Nellje,

Just so you know, you’re not alone, that login volley happens for me as well.

Yeah, that’s a fancy little dance that most of us have probably done (I’ve experienced something similar as well). Sorry guys. It’s on the list of things for our developers to address.

I keep seeing this out of the corner of my eye on the discussions list and thinking it says “Eating old posts.” At least the system isn’t doing that!