Elevated FBS question

Can anyone explain to me why I can go to bed with 130 and wake up with 238? It doesn’t make sense. What do I do to bring down the morning sugars? I am Type 2 and take Glucovance 2.5/500 and Actos 45 in the morning and two of the Glucovance at night. Thanks for any suggestions.



It sounds like you have been experiencing the Dawn Phenomenon! We have all experienced it and I am still battling it! I am on a pump…I have to adjust my insulin every few days until I find the right basal rate for 4-6 am, that’s usually when DAWN P happens.

Another factor could be your Aunt Dottie (monthly) visiting or an infection.


Thanks Cherise. I do have an abdominal infection right now and am on Keflex. I had cancer and chemo, so no more Aunt Dottie, lol. Maybe one the oinfection clears, the numbers will level off. I just wonder why it happens while I sleep but no during the day.