Elevated Neutrophils count

Just got labs back. Nurse called and said to follow p with Endo. Can’t get in until end of November. It was the first time it showed elevated Neutrophils at 74.9% (normal is up to 74.1).

Anyone else have this come up? Google is not my friend right now.

What is the complete range that your lab report shows for the Neutrophils? Also what is the absolute neutrophil number and the reference range for that?

Did the Nurse only say to follow-up with Endo and no other specialties?

Also - what was the total WBC ?

I agree with Tim and right now the number is slightly over the range and we don’t have enough information to interpret.

You may be dehydrated, stressed have a virus or bug or even a UTI that are not yet aware of that can drive the neutrophils but again we would want to see the WBC and the absolute value.

Don’t stress, one reading is not usually an indication of much…

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I wouldn’t worry they are not very elevated but ask your endo or Gp. Here is some info I found:

An increased percentage of neutrophils may be due to:

Acute infection
Acute stress
Eclampsia (seizures or coma in a pregnant woman)
Gout (type of arthritis due to uric acid buildup in the blood)
Myelocytic leukemia (a bone marrow cancer)
Rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatic fever (disease due to an infection with group A streptococcus bacteria)
Thyroiditis (a thyroid disease)