Endo: "you're doing a good job"

I had to go to an alternate endo today because of a scheduling conflict. It was interesting to have someone with whom I don’t have a relationship with look through my pump downloads and assess my control and techniques. She was fine and all, but I definitely didn’t have the partnership vibe with her that I have with my regular endo. Who knows what kind of politics there might be between the doctors in the office that could have been feeding into the vibes I felt.

Anyways, in between her commenting on what she saw in my records or responding to my explanations about why I use a temp basal after meals instead of a dual wave bolus, she says, “you’re doing a good job.” I hadn’t been looking for her to validate my efforts, but when she said that, I realized how much I needed to hear it. On the one hand, I know how hard I’ve been working, and after almost 30 years with T1D, I know what good and bad control look like, but man, pregnancy is it’s own whole other thing. And it’s nice to have the validation that I’m probably not putting this little life I’m carrying at risk. phew


Yeah for you! Isn’t it so great to hear from your medical team that you are doing a good job?! It is amazing how important those words can be to us PWD! All our hard work, day in and day out getting noticed! It is such an easy thing for people to do and it just doesn’t seem to happen often enough. We all know, we usually hear the same old line, not trying hard enough, why were you so high on Tuesday ( Wednesday,Friday etc) you are not exercising enough, not testing enough etc. We hear that kind of stuff all the time. Why?
So give yourself a huge pat on the back. You are doing great and doing for two! So great job and all your hard work is going to pay off! Yeah for you and yeah for all of us!

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