Endurance Events and Diabetes... ...and fundraising

This is my first post on this forum…

I live in the UK and was dx in 1977 I have been using a pump since 2007 (without GGM). On 9 & 10 July I will be doing the 3 Peaks challenge which is to climb the highest peak in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Wales) in a 24 hour period. For more information please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Three_Peaks_Challenge

We have a small team (4 including the driver) participating and we are aiming to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDRF). Any advice on managing bg levels during endurance events will be greatly appreciated - I am already trying using www.runsweet.com. Any fundraising tips would also be great.


I may have a film crew following us as part of a mini feature they are doing about diabetes…

Two questions I’d have are 1) how far are the hikes/ runs and 2) how much have you been training for the events? Climbing hills in Scotland reminds me of the hiking scene in Trainspotting but that may not be the best example.

The best way to manage BG during endurance events is to practice a lot and test a lot. If you have a CGM that can be useful. You mention the Enlite sensors on your page but I wasn’t clear if you have one or not. I have the Paradigm (?? I think, I find the MM systemic nomenclature confusing at times, I have whatever the sensors are that aren’t Enlite and they are in the basement and I ran 10 miles today in 90 degree farenheit heat so I am not going to trudge down to find out!!) and I have noticed that the telemetry seems to provide false lows when it gets “burned out”.

For runs longer than 7 miles or so, I’ve noticed that it will read low even if I’m not? Other than that, depending on what your situation is, I could probably come up with some other suggestions but the most important one is to have a great race!! I dont worry about pulling over (walking) to test at all. A lot of running books recommend walk/ running as the way to go to run longer distances without injury. My times seem to run about 1/2 the world record (although I am older than Usain Bolt…) and, while I watch my times, I am pretty sure that watching my BG is much more important?

The total distance walked is 26 miles and with height gained and lost of 8178 feet during the event. There is also 460 miles of driving :).

We have been training most weekends since August 2010 and usually spend at least one day every weekend hillwalking in the black mountains. During training I am usually hypo at least once but often more than once and am trying a number of strategies to prevent this so far including: reducing basals, maintaining a work rate within my cardiovascular zone - as dictated by my heart rate monitor, carb loading in days before events and testing my bg every 30 minutes.

I do not have CGM yet but was looking to invest in a system to assist me in this challenge and any other crazy events that I decide to do following this.

That sounds like a good plan! I aimed at pre-race carb loading before my last race and, while I gained about 5 lbs, I felt very strong while I was running. I can’t think of too much else I’d suggest.