Enema and Epsom salt bath

Has anyone noticed a drop in blood sugar after a hot epsom salt bath and a enema?

Blood sugar was 200 mg/dl at 4:03 pm. And when I checked myself again at 5:32 pm I was 123 mg/dl.

That’s a significant drop!

I realize that enemas are out of style. I’m curious if anyone else has any data. Or soak in a hot epsom salt bath and see how it impacts the blood sugar.

I don’t know if the drop in blood sugar was caused by the hot water or the epsom salt or the enema or the combination or something else. I bolused 4 units of Aspart (fast acting) at 1:00 pm and then ate approximately 80 g carbs. I ordinarily take 10 units Lantus in the morning. This morning I had zero. I’m doing Andreas Mortitz’ The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush tonight. And I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t go low during the flush.

If anyone could share any research/ personal data I would appreciate it. Thanks.

The hot water is most likely the reason.

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+2 on the hot bath.

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+3 on the hot bath. Blood vessels dilate during a hot bath.

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