Environment and Type 1

Over the years, I’ve read of various potential triggers of the autoimmune response that leads to Type 1 Diabetes. I thought this might be interesting to share, as this looks as correlations with Type 1 in the UK, which I assume like the US in terms of disease causality.

disease mapping indicated that 15 out of 53 demographic and environmental risk factors were significantly associated with diabetes incidence, after adjusting for multiple testing. These included air pollutants (particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide; all inversely associated), as well as lead in soil, radon, outdoor light at night, overcrowding, population density and ethnicity.

Also, as a mention, I scan/read a few journals each month, and this one is Diabetologia


Love people who look about for understandings of Diabetes. As a very late onset type one with no family history…I am always curious where did this come from. I was diagnosed at 62.
They use really big words in the article above my bandwidth. I do thank you for the post and research digging…please continue to share.