Ever heard of the Dana hybrid pump?

Hi guys,

I’m doing some pump research and I came across one I’d never heard of - the Dana Diabecare II SG by Sooil, a Korean manufacturer. http://www.sooil.com/english/product_dana.htm

I’m intrigued because it includes a glucose monitor in the pump and is the smallest of all the non-Omnipod pumps out there. From what I’ve read, everything about it, infusion sets and test strips, are incredibly proprietary, so there’s no going to the pharmacy after procrastinating your last set away, I guess.

Does anyone have any experience with this guy? Did anyone look at it when they were making their own pump decision?

On a side note - I’m having a bit of a dilemma. I’m debating pumps right now, and the Omnipod is the clear winner except for the size of the pod. I’m hoping that the pods come down in size over the next few years, and I don’t want to spend $5,000 on a conventional pump for the priviledge of disconnecting if in a year the pods will go down in size.

Sooooo…basically, can anyone gaze into their crystal diabetes ball for me and let me know what to do? That’d be great, thanks!!

I’m in the process of deciding on a pump right now. My endo gave me several pumps w/ info to look at but this was not one and I had never heard of it before a few days ago. I figure if my CDE doesn’t have any info on it, I’m not going to even bother looking as I would like her to know something about the pump I choose.

It seems like a very plan pump

In case there are any other users of the Dana insulin pumps, we’ve created a new group:

Hadn’t heard of it before. I like the look, not sure about the iconic menus though

Hi Lizzie,

I saw a presentation of the Dana rep here in Australia, and was less than impressed with the pump… her own words were “our pump is not a rolls royce but is cheap”…

From what I saw, its a very basic, but completely proprietary system. The pump may be cheap, but then you may be locked down into their consumables, infusion sets, test strips, etc…

I didn’t even seriously consider them when deciding on my pump.



The pods are rumored to go down in size by 40% in the next year or so… but like I said it’s rumored no hard set date.