Everybody on insulin?

I went to see my doctor this morning and managed to beg some test strips. NICE ( NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CLINICAL EXCELLENCE) are recommending that type 2s don’t self test.
My doctor, who I like and have known for 30 years, said that I’ve done well to lose 6 KG since he last weighed me and I’m sure he gave me the strips because I’m juggling control with weight loss.
He’s sure “They” want everyone on insulin eventually and I will need to go on it sometime in the future and I can’t avoid complications. Benstein seems to think differently!!!. He also still doesn’t believe low-carb is the way, although he says opinions are coming round that way. NICE does mention GI. If they are saving money by not prescribing strips, what will putting all the type 2s on insulin do to the strip budget. Patients on insulin Must get them. I’ve seen the NICE guidelines. they’re on the web and they seem to say that type 2s survive only about 20 years after diagnosis and go downhill progressively. If they can give type 1s a lifetime, why must 2s deteriorate?
I’ll be optimistic and hope Bernstein is right and we can do better than that. The fact that I’ve halted my retinopathy apparently doesn’t mean can hold it forever. I have done 5 years so far with it and it hasn’t moved. It was pre-diagnosis and treatment.
Where’s the evidence that we will definitely get complications? Has anyone got any? The only cohort of long term low carb people are Bernstein’s patients.

If you tell Type 2s to eat a high carb diet and not to worry about testing, I would think most of them will develop complications. If you tell them it’s OK to be at 179 two hours after eating and that an A1C of 7 is good control, most of them will get complications. Hana, you are walking proof that eating low carb and maintaining near normal blood sugar can halt or even reverse complications. I have a friend who was diagnosed with Type 2 and told to take a pill and not to worry. Two years later her pancreas failed completely. She is now insulin dependent as well as insulin resistant and has to take large amounts of insulin which makes it even more difficult to lose weight. I just gave her a copy of Jenny’s book and she said she learned more about diabetes in the last 24 hours than she has in 20 years! She’s going to cut carbs and test more to try and bring her high BG numbers down.I was lucky to get my diagnosis before I became insulin dependent. If I hadn’t been thin, nobody would have batted an eye at the numbers I was getting and I would have burned out my beta cells in no time.