Excessive protein in the urine

On February 23, 2012, I went to a diabetes management specialist, and in the course of taking blood for various lab work, they took a urinalysis. The doctor called me and said that the protein in the urine should be below 30; and that mine was over one-thousand. Thus, the proteinuria. She said she would mail me a copy of all my lab work and also send a copy to my primary physician; so now I am waiting for my family doctor to get the lab work, to schedule an appointment with him and see where we go from there. This [Type 2 Diabetes] is such a horrible disease. It can control your life if you let it. I now take 55 units of Lantus insulin in the morning; and take 20 units of Humalog insulin before each meal; and then take 45 units of Humulin-R insulin before bedtime. For the first time that I can remember, my Hg A1C was 6.9 [it should be 6.5 or lower] and it has never been below 10 in the entire course of my disease. I seem to live on insulin and Hydrocodone [for my diabetic peripheral neuropathy]. The pain in my feet is sometimes unbearable. I am so tired of being sick all the time. I am so tired.

Oh gosh Robert.... no wonder you are tired and frustrated!! I agree that T2 is a terrible disease. I can't believe you are going to have to wait to have the new problem treated! The waiting can drive you ... Positive thoughts and prayers going out to you. Joanne

Thank you for the kind words. At least I can commiserate with others in the same boat, so to speak. The French Pharmaceutical company that makes Lantus made almost four-billion dollars last year [from Lantus alone]. Makes you wonder if they really want to find a cure.

You sound also frustrated but you're not hopeless. Learning how to manage your Diabetes can be hopeful. There is more help on the hopeful side such as a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educdator) they can help you get the reins on this beast (my description) and learn to manage it and not have it manage you. If whoever you're going to see doesn't recommend a CDE you'll have to find your own and that can be done at their website. http://www.diabeteseducator.org/

Hi Robert,

Sorry to here about the high protein in your urine. That's quite high! I'd push your doc to get an appointment as soon as possible, to see what your treatment options are. I had slightly elevated protein levels a few years ago (around 90 whatever-the-units-are-called) and they put me on a blood pressure medication (lisonopril). Ever since, my protein levels have been in the normal range (<30 whatever-the-units-are-called). With your level over a 1000, there's no point in waiting for your docs' office to lazily get you an appointment. Push for one, and soon! The sooner you can start treating it, the sooner your numbers will come down and the better you will feel. Hang in there buddy. Good luck and cheers, Mike

As I am sure you know, protein in your urine is an indication of kidney problems. It isn't proof and I know that I had protein in my urine just from exercising. My daughter also had it simply because that is her. Even if you do have the emerging kidney problems, it doesn't mean that you cannot get won top of this and recover. You are now on insulin and there is no reason you can't get your A1c even lower and actually heal from these kidney issues and your neuropathy. Dr. Bernstein healed from advanced kidney problems. I know that all of this can be overwhelming and you can fell burnt out, but I encourage you to take this opportunity to learn more about how to take care of your diabetes and make a change for the better.

Hi Robert, It sounds like your getting things under control diabetes wise at least. I was like you my A1C was always at or above 10 most of the time. Insulin has gotten things under control for me too. It never ceases to amaze me how long doctors will let a T2 run high before insulin is introduced.

I know nothing about the protein problem you are having but I feel that getting your BG under control is the best first step in attacking that problem. Good luck and keep the good work with the BG levels. The more you work at it the better your results will be.

Gary S

Robert, Dr. Bernstein was where you are and he reversed his proteinurea and neuropathy. Lots of others have done so, too. I don't know what you're doing about the neuropathy besides hydrocodone (?) but there are things you can try: R-ALA, benfotiamine, tight glucose control via lower carb (getting into the 5's or even the high 4's on that A1C) and learning the basal/bolus/correction method of glucose control, B vitamin injections (if you have absorption problems), etc.

I'll tell you what a lot of Western doctors won't: if you're having kidney problems, cut out all alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks and packaged, processed foods and go as organic and as low-moderate in carbs as possible.

Your body is telling you something and it's time to really listen. (((Hugs!)))

to be fair, protein in your urine isnt a total indication of kidney problems. How is your diet robert? I eat around 220 odd gms of protein per day, a lot of that gets wasted through my kidneys. When i was diagnosed type 1 a few months ago i had a huge amount of protein in the urine, however my kidney function is fine.I hope you find some benefit from the insulin!

Hi Robert - since it's been about a month, I just wanted to reply here to see how you are doing. Was your primary doctor able to help out with the protein results?
Best regards.

Although, I think the combined ALA is better. Also, Robert, are you taking any other supplements?
And DEFINITELY don't wait on doctor's offices. Keep calling, keep pushing, and get results. At the least, it will give you something to do.

I'm also curious if your doctor told you to take your Lantus in the morning. Mine seemed to think night time was better for absorption.

Hey, Robert, I've been living with this (Type 1) for over forty years now. About twelve years ago I was showing protein in the urine and starting to deal with neuropathy in my feet. I hadn't taken care of myself like I should have been, so I got more serious about it. I improved my control, (not even by as much as I would like to), and it made a huge difference for me. It took a few years, but the protein returned to normal and the neuropathy improved dramatically. YMMV, but I think there's reason for a lot of hope. Hang in there!