Exercise help... I seem to have the opposite problems... BS HIGHS!

Hi guys,

I love to play sports. I play soccer and racquetball, quite vigorously when I’m out there. After the exercise, my BS generally goes high, like 250-300 after workouts. I originally didn’t wear my pump for exercise, and then realized that that might be the problem. But now I do wear it now and I still seem to have the same problem, maybe less so, but still sometimes. I usually eat something before I workout, and bolus for some percentage between 50-100%, depending. While I write this, I am figuring out that the pre-workout food is probably the problem, but I am soo scared of going low in my workouts because that has happened to me many times also. Hmmm, any tips and advice?


hi, Vanessa, you may find some answers in this discussion we had about this very same topic.

Perfect, thanks, Marie. I’ll look there for my answers, I really appreciate the re-direction to that discussion! I thought I did a through search, but I guess not ! Anyway, I’m happy now, thanks!!

I have the same issue when I play softball. However, when I do lower impact lifting (like we moved this weekend) or walking my sugars will go down. Totally weird. Still trying to get the hang of what activity does what to my blood sugars. Good luck!!

Hi Vanessa, sometimes it help to make sure that you eat a protein AND a carb before you excerise!! This allows the blood sugar to evened out over a longer period of time and hopefully your blood sugar won’t go up! Also do you check your blood sugar before you exercise, if it starts out high it may go even higher because the body realizes you are doing some strenuous and will compensate for it by sending out glucose!! Hope this helps!!!


I hadn’t thought about that in such explicit terms, but you’re right! I tried it last night (beans and brown rice and bolused for only about half) and since yesterday was a great BS day anyway, things went swimmingly well after a hard 1.5 hour racquetball game. I am not sure if in the past I’ve been eating solely carbs w/o proteins before workouts, (I usually pay attention to mixing them, but not pre-workout, I think I may have been focusing on carbs) but now I will make absolutely sure to pay attention. Thanks.