Exercise is bunk. If you are healthy, you don’t need it; if you are sick, you shouldn’t take it.

It makes me feel sad that you think exercising is absurd or ridiculous, since for me, exercise and physical activities are very important. Being a type 2 (Im not on insulin), I may have a normal weight but exercise keeps my BG level normal. Besides, if one is healthy, exercise keeps them and stays healthy. And if one is sick (depending on the nature of the illness), exercise may help promote better recuperation. My physician and therapist recommended ceratin exercises for me as form of therapy when I had problems with my back.
Exercise plays a major factor on physical fitness and over all health. It strengthen muscles and cardio vascular system, maintains healthy bone density, it boosts your immunity system preventing unwanted weight gain, heart problems and cardiovascular diseases. Lastly, it improves well being and mental health. Exercising (I guess in this case, for some people) is fun, competitive (like in sports) and even sometimes helps with depression.

Healthy people should exercise too!

Excercise is necessary for good blood sugar control for Type 1s. Even though it is problematic with insulin. Just for good blood sugar control should exercise lightly a half hour a day. For weight loss, must throw in an hour a day a few times a week. Without any exercise (could be just walking) Type 1s can become insulin resistant as well. You can then practically double your hourly dose and still not come down in range. This can easily be seen on long car journeys (three or four hours sitting in a car). Have to temp basal my thin niece up to 170% of her regular basal while travelling in the car. And still will be somewhat high.

I know that I feel much better when I am exercising regularly. It helps my arthritis, weight control and moods. I choose to believe the data reporting its benefits for heart and immunity.

That’s a quote by Henry Ford (just Google the first part of the quote) who was great at making cars, quick with a catchy phrase and, apparently, a couch potato. I suppose he didn’t need much exercise because he was so industriously busy.

He also said “History is bunk.” and “You can have a Model-T in any color you want, as long as it’s black.”

I can’t think of a similar analogy that is equally illogical but makes a modicum of sense on first reading. Halle Berry’s infamous quote about getting off insulin and transforming herself from a Type I to a Type II diabetic comes close.

Or this:

“Insulin is bunk. If your BG is normal you don’t need it; if you’re not diabetic you shouldn’t take it.”

If you’re adopting this quote as your personal lifestyle choice, ravirider, well then - good luck with that.

I propose a contest to come up with an equally absurd statement using the same model.

“BLANK is bunk. If you have (the results of BLANK), you don’t need it; if you have (the extremes results of no BLANK), you shouldn’t take it.”