Expect Possible Higher BG's in the Hospital

A study was just released online that says hypoglycemia events in the hospital are associated with longer stays and a higher mortality rate.

This was pulled from previous studies (2009-2016), which I have never completely trusted because researches can choose which studies to use to get the data. This will reinforce hospitals wanting higher levels of BG’s in the hospital.


So strange, Marie20. I was just searching for the insulin at the hospital form post. The tu site is under ‘extreme load’ so its not searching now. But, this tasty bit will tide me over in the meantime. Thnks!

Lets see what these authors have been up to…

One of the authors also writes about hyperglycemia here.
And, here.

So, they think both low BG and high BG are bad? One of them writes that 90 should be the lower limit. I dont see an upper limit. Thats unsettling. Perhaps the sky is the limit.

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