Experiences with the new CGMs?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for feedback on the latest CGM devices coming out soon. I am particularly interested in the new offerings from Roche, Sibionics and Sinocare. Have any of you already had experience with these devices or taken part in studies?

I am considering switching to a new CGM technology and would love to hear your experiences or opinions on these new devices. Any insight you could share would help me (and probably others here) make a more informed decision.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Belienso and welcome to TuD! I have used Dexcom for years, currently G6. When they first were approved in US, I tried the Libre and the Eversense. So far, I seem to be one of the lucky ones that see decent accuracy with any brand of CGM, so personal preferences with the app and convenience issues end up as a deciding factor.

Starting soon, I will be trying the Sinocare CGM in a clinical study. The study involves wearing 3 sensors at the same time with lots of BG tests to measure accuracy, for 2 weeks. I’m pretty sure its a next generation from the first Sinocare CGM. If possible, I’ll try to find out the timeline for the Sinocare CGM to get approvals and hit the market.


Hey @John58,

Super cool to hear you’re diving into the clinical study with Sinocare’s CGM! It’s always exciting to get a sneak peek at the next wave of diabetes tech :blush:

If you’re up for it, I’d love to hear any tidbits you can share about the study—like how it’s set up or any standout features of the Sinocare CGM.

Hoping you can drop some updates this way when you can. Thanks a bunch for considering sharing your journey!


Well they had us all sign a confidentiality so I can’t describe much in any detail…but I started in on the study this week and can vouch for the experience. This week I had an 8 hour day at the clinic with a steady stream of blood draws during that time as I maneuvered my BG (dosing with my Omnipod) to a low, kept it low for a while, and then brought it back up into range. It’s very interesting and I am learning a few things, including about my own ratios, adequacy of my basal rates, etc. I was wearing my own CGM (Dexcom) and was impressed at how closely it matched the BG from the blood draws.

Throughout the study (I am on Day 3 of wearing the new sensors we are testing, in addition to the pod and Dexcom) I have not seen any of the BG values reported by the test sensors, they are downloaded at the clinic and not shown to us. So I have no problem maintaining confidentiality about the studied CGM as I am not privy to any of it’s data.

The clinic is well staffed and the staff go out of their way to make us feel welcome. I got to meet two new endos I had never met before who were interesting to chat with. Causes the whole experience to avoid being intensely boring (it has that potential) to a sort of fun diversion from our day to day.