"Extended Bolus is Already Active"

To add to Steve D’s recent unique issue (and other’s) does anyone else get the above message when that is not the case. I’d estimate that 30% of the time I try to utilize the extended bolus feature, I get that message and I have to back out and start over to use it. Lots of random little quirks to these things, it would seem.

The only time I get that message is when I really do have an extended bolus active.

The only thing that I can think that I might be doing differently is leaving the test strip in the PDM. I test and then follow the steps to bolus…accept BS #, enter carbs to be eaten, and extend. Sometimes I get the message, sometimes I don’t. Of course, sometimes, the extend function is active and I appreciate the reminder, but I have no clue why it would give me that message when any extended bolus is long over. Should I be removing the strip?

I would at least try that. I have not had this issue unless (like Brad) it is really active from a previous bolus.

Thanks guys. Another oPod mystery, perhaps.