Extended Bolus?

I’ve been on the Omnipod for about 2 and a half weeks at this point, so I’m still trying to figure everything out. I have yet to use the extended bolus feature and was just wondering what others use it for. The biggest thing i’ve heard is for pizza. What’s your experience/tips with this feature?

Any high carb food is what I use it for. Sometimes if I have a fruit salad I will extend even for 30 minutes. It just works better for me. Everyone is different.

I use it anytime I have a meal that has:

  • A large amount of protein/fat in addition to the carbs (pizza = good example)

  • Lower glycemic index foods, or ones that I know from experience take longer to impact my BG (for me, this is stuff like - black beans, pasta, pretzels).

  • Ice cream. For me, I typically double the carbs listed and then do a 50:50 split for the bolus, with the second half delivered over 90 minutes.

Having a CGM really helps with effective use of the extended bolus, because sometimes my estimation of how long it takes for the delayed BG impact to occur is way off. I will end up canceling the extended bolus or adding to it based on my trending.

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very helpful! thank you

This is what I do as well. I eat low carb and have a lot of foods with natural fibers and healthy fats and proteins. I pretty well use extended boluses for everything varying the amount of up front and extended boluses and the length of time depending on what I am eating. I also pre-bolus about 15 to 20 minutes if I am eating something that also has a relatively quick or high glycemic index and that helps prevent high spikes early on. I love it when I see almost straight lines on my CGM. I could not do this as effectively without a CGM because getting that instant (relatively) feedback helps me figure out how to deal with different foods and keep my bg in range.


I need to use it more, it is such a guessing game, like everything. I was confused for a while. I thought it meant, “In 2 hours you will get the other %”, but what it means is, “Over the next 2 hours you will get the remaining %.” That helped me understand how it would be helpful. I need more trials to see how it affects me.