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JDCA "State of the Cure" Update

Each year the JDCA (Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance) puts together a summary of cure research. As a JDCA fellow I contributed information to this effort, although I did not help write the report. In my opinion, it's a excellent document, well worth reading. It's only about 15 pages long. In addition to scientific information on a cure, it also includes information on money: how it's raised, who spends how much, etc.


JDRF Slide Show On Prevention

This is a great slide show put together by Jessica Dunne who is the Director of Discovery Research for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It is 12 slides. In addition to material on possible viral and microbiome ("gut") triggers of type-1, it also includes data on growth in type-1 diagnosis, genetics, and so on.


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