ezCarb calculator wrong!

Has anyone ever had a problem with their ezCarb calculator calculating the bolus incorrectly?

On several occasions, it's given me an incorrect result. It generally happens when I've just given myself some insulin with the meter-remote or the pump itself.

For example, if I had just bolused 3 units, it would say:

Carb 3.50 U

BG +1.00 U

IOB -3.00 U

Total = 4.00 U

Has this happened to anyone else? I wanted to know before I contact Animas.

i have been having the exact same thing happen. Ive had the ping since Jan. 2008, so its not just with new versions.

I don't think I've seen that on our Ping. Thank goodness.

Here are two examples––one from last week and one from this morning:

^^ The total should be 0.05 U

The total here should be 0.15 U.

(Apologies for the gigantic photos!)

Just a thought...do you think the Ping and meter are adding in a calculation for your basic insulin sensitivity? Maybe that explains the higher than expected number. It (the Ping remote and pump) might also be adjusting for the fact that your insulin sensitivity goes DOWN when your BG is elevated (takes more insulin to lower your BG a given amount).

Bolus calculation on the PING does not deduct IOB from a bolus calculation unless the current BG is below target +/- programmed allowance. So, if you give a correction prior to a meal bolus, the amount of IOB from the correction will show up as IOB when you program your meal bolus . . . and the bolus calculation will be for the food you eat . . . rather than the food and BG.

Note that on the meter remote example pics, the bolus recommendation is the same amount as the calculation for the Carb intake.

In the case that HXFNS initially presented:

Carb 3.50 U

BG +1.00 U

IOB -3.00 U

Total = 4.00 U

It would appear that a portion of the IOB was deducted from the total bolus recommendation for the “correction” portion of the bolus . . . based on a current BG . . . but it would require a look at the bolus history to confirm that assumption.

When you have questions about the way a bolus is calculated it is helpful to call the Customer Service Dept so they can explain the way a bolus is calculated . . . or confirm any need for concern.

These are both correct in my opinion. In both cases your insulin on board is higher than your correction dose. The pump will always cover 100% of the carbs eaten if your bg is at or above target. It will only subtract insulin on board from carbs if your bg is below target.

Wow. I didn't know that. Thanks for your help! I guess I need to re-read my manual.

I agree - this is a safeguard feature. Doesn't mean you can't override, but you should think it through carefully before overriding.

There is ALWAYS something new to learn about a pump . . . and most of the learning does not come from a manual! Keep up the good work!

I see what DianaS is saying. Both times it's correcting for the carbs, but it seems wrong to me too. All those numbers should add and subtract just like we learned in grade school.