Face Palm Moments

This last weekend I was in Disneyland. Of course on my way out of town I realize I forgot my extra vial of insulin (Face Palm). What are some of your face palm moments?

Face Palm??

Hah! That's a new one on me! He looks a bit more like he forgot the Enterprise!

"dude, where's my cruiser?" LOL...

I have facepalm moments all the time. My pump is installed and I never bring extra insulin or supplies. I only got torched once and was only about 25 minutes from home. I figure if I'm farther, there's always a Walgreen's nearby?

My huge pet peeve is forgetting my Garmin when we do our "long runs" on Saturdays. I leave, get a mile from home and it's too late to go back but ruins my flawless logging, along with making it more challenging to stay on a pace. Fortunately bunches of people have them...

One time I was getting ready to get a shower and disconnected my pump and then decided to test. I then needed to give myself a correction and did and then realized I wasn’t hooked to my pump.

About once every 2-3 months I leave my house with my pancreas (insulin pump, that is). Thankfully, I never get far, but those are my definite face-palm moments. Oh, and not long ago I packed my gym bag and threw in a meter and test strips so that I could test my BG while working out. Great, except I forgot the lancet. DEFINITE face-palm moment.

My biggest face palm moment was a couple of months ago. I had to reset my PDM for my OmniPod, which meant I had to reset the time on the PDM. It was late on a Friday night and I was tired...thats my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it... I went to bed and woke up higher than I'd been running. Hmmm

That morning I started dropping and couldn't get my bg to stay up. As I tested my bg for about the 5th time on my PDM, I finally noticed my basal rate wasn't what it should be for that time slot.

*face palm*

When I reset the time on my PDM, I reversed the am/pm designations so I was getting my nightime basal during the daytime...and my nightime rate is way higher. After the face palm moment, all I could say was "I'm such an idiot" :)

I have done this more than once.: Suspended and removed the pump for a long shower, or for aqua aerobics class, After the water activity, Put the pump back on, forgetting to unsuspend it. Test my blood sugar after dressing and course, notice it is ok, so I proceed to whatever my next event is. I have looked at the glucometer, but not once at the the pu>mp.An hour, hour and a half later, blood sugars are rapidly escalating to over 200. I see the black MM circle denoting that no insulin is being, nor has been delivered. Of course right before lunch or dinner "DUHHH!!!"
God bless,

That’s why I never suspend my pump for showers or swimming. The only time I suspend it is if I have a square wave or even a regular bolus going that I want to cancel and I suspend the pump to stop the bolus and immediately restart it.

My stupid face palm moment is when I’m getting dressed, decide to bolus for breakfast, and then unhook my pump to thread the tubing through the hole in my pocket. Of course I have no idea how much bolus I received before unhooking the pump.

Forgetting the enterprise would ruin your day!

I had one of those moments today when I got to work and realized I had my lancet and meter and left the vial of strips on the counter at home.