Facet Joint Injections and Type 2

I just had a spinal injection today and my sugars spiked to 302, now 245.

Should I be concerned?

It’s very normal with steroid injections. You’re doctor should have warned you, so you had a plan to manage it.

How do you control your diabetes? Are you on any meds? If so, you might want to ask your doctor about increasing dosages. Or ramp up the exercise, or something.

The big picture is that the occasional spike isn’t going to cause long-term complications. It’s sustaining those numbers that is problematic. Your sugars should calm down within the week, but if these injections are going to recur, then you need a plan.

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I had to read about facet joint injections. What I read the injection can be a numbing agent and may have steroids in it. I agree with @Robyn_H 's answer, the doctor should have warned you of the possibility of elevated BG.

As a type 2 unless you are using a rapid insulin such as Humalog there is not much you can do except to restrict dietary carbs as much as possible. I don’t know what exercises you can do with spinal issues. No sense causing yourself more pain, injury or whatever.

I had one steroid shot in my right knee before I started multi daily injections. I experienced a rise in BG just like yours. I can’t remember, but it seems like it took a week or bit more to settle down.

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I’ve had joint injections, and they cause me 3 days of high sugars. I combat that with increasing my insulin, much harder if you are not taking insulin.
I increase by 30 percent day 1, 20% on day 2 and 10% on day three.My meal time insulin is also increased but I do it manually
If I normally need 5 units I’ll take 6.
It’s something I’ve worked out from experience there is no easy formula.
Everyone reacts differently to it

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Hi Robyn. I have only spiked once before and my PCP ordered Metformin 500mg twice daily. I am doing that now. My sugars are in the 160s today. Not to bad for having the injections yesterday.
Otherwise I don’t take the Metformin daily. Thanks so much!

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Thank Luis. They seem to be going down today. Thank Goodness.

The doctor did tell me that he wasn’t concerned prior to the surgery. That the steroid he’s using is not absorbed in the blood as it would if you took it orally. He did state it could spike but not to be concerned. I just didn’t expect it to spike over 300.

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I’m glad it’s working out for you. I don’t take insulin. I am on Metformin during this time though.

Thanks Timothy.

That is exactly what the ortho said to me. "It will be contained in the capsule of the joint, shouldn’t cause any problems ", yeah right! I had another BG spike from a topical steroid cream. I was prescribed it for a spot of eczema on my calf. No problems there. But later I applied it to the side of my neck, and experienced high BG. So I stopped using it. My PCP said, no way, but I mentioned it to a pharmacist who thought it unlikely, but asked me where I applied it. I pointed at my neck. “Oh! maybe so, the skin on the neck is very thin.” I love pharmacists. They are full of knowledge about drugs and seldom get to share it.