Fast acting insulins and Hypokalemia

Does anyone else have Hypokalemia low blood potassium that might be linked to Novolog, Humalog and Aprida?(sp)

I have been having troubles keeping mine above 3.5 and am wondering why. I try to eat as many potassium rich foods and have cut down my water via the Nephrologist instructions. My kidneys are great and not expelling to much so I am trying to find the cause. I noticed on the patient info sheets for these insulin’s that Hypokalemia was listed.

Any thoughts?
Be loved

Hi Laura,
I don’t know if the insulin is the cause or not. But i have been having trouble with hypokalemia for the past several months too Normally this isn’t a problem for me. Qutie the opposite is true and I have had to be very careful with the foods high in postassium I have been on the Humalog for over a year now and really don’t think that all of a sudden that has come up as a problem with the insulin. That would seem strange to me. But I guess anything is possible. I hope you find your cause.

Insulin shifts potassium to cells,so when we treat DKA,we add potassium to IVF to avoid hypokalemia. Sometimes,but rarely I find hypokalemia in routine blood work for well diabetic kids.Cystic fibrosis and alkalosis as you know cause hypokalemia.Frequent solbutamol ( ventolin) inhaler in bronchial asthma,cause hypokalemia

Hi Saundra
I need to eat foods everyday high in potassium. This started about a year ago. I had googled the hypokalemia and came up with the issue of hypokalemia and fast acting insulin’s so it was why I was asking I have been on Humalog for 12 years and this is all of a sudden. I don’t think it is the Humalog but not sure. I just am trying to help myself figure out some electrolyte issues I gave been having. Everything is on the low end and it does not feel to great. But I finally had a normal electrolyte panal a couple of weeks ago was feeling better until today :frowning:

Did your docs check your 24 hour urine to see if to much potassium was being passed?
I hope you find out why also
Be well and be loved

Thanks Sohair I guess I am baffled because it started all of a sudden without DKA or PH problems. I eat so much potassium you would think I could get my level above 3.8 which is normal but this is the first normal I have had in a year. Of course the kidney doc’s like it low normal so at least they are happy. My worry is I am starting a downward health trend. I want to stop it if I can or at least slow it down. I am doing everything I know how to do. Could arbuterol cause this? It seems I have flipped it used to be low magnesium and normal middle value of potassium. Now I am without any changes low or low normal potassium and middle value magnesium it has me concerned when I don’t know answers but maybe this is just the way it is.

You are such a gift Sohair with all your knowledge and kindness I know how busy you are with work so it is indeed a blessing you find the time to chat with us.

Be loved you are

Ok I’m a bit worried here - explain to me what hypokalemia is - I quickly read on wikipedia about it - My son is very active in sport - cricket, tennis, golf, running -whatever he can do. Lately he get’s cramps in his legs so much his legs goes in spasm. I thought it was because it’s so hot here (36C) and he sweat a lot and do not get enough fluid in. Could this be related to hypokalemia?

Hi Riette.

Spasms and such can be related to electrolyte issues and they can just be tired muscles. What I get when I know my potassium is low besides tired is it becomes hard to do little things like type. My body aches and I get almost a sensation in my legs like they are patchy numb but they are not when tested. Concentration is hard. I do get cramps and spasms also. Can you have a panal done on his electrolytes? Also dehydration can cause spasm also so make him drink his water :slight_smile:
Be loved