Fastest mile and 5k

Whats the fastest 5k and mile you've ever run? How many miles per week do you usually run? Also do you have any running goals you want to accomplish like completing a certain race or running a certain time?

since being diagnosed I think 19:50 have done sub 6 miles

Fast is not something that I associate with my running performance :) I'm usually in the mid-20 minute range for a 5k. Miles/week depends on what I'm training for - currently spend time in the pool and on the bike, as well as running. Would like to do the NY Marathon someday. Have done the Ironman in Kona which was an amazing experience...not sure what else would top that, except the opportunity to do it again.

I have a few goals for running that I want to accomplish. These goals are really hard but Im pretty close to getting two of them, I like to give myself challenges. I want to break 18 minutes in a 5k, run a sub 5 minute mile and run a marathon.

I ran fairly consistently through high school and afterward for a couple of years without really keeping track. In high school I desperately wanted to break 5 minutes for the mile, but I think 5:05 is the closest I came, so I'm not fast.
I ran inconsistently until I got to be about 38. For some reason, in my second running phase I have been less consistent as a runner, but more consistent about keeping records.
I turned 40 in 1999, so these are all my Masters PRs:
Time Pace Date Race
1 mile
0:06:06 6:06 04/06/04 ARR Open Mile
0:19:42 6:21 04/24/04 Walk to End Domestic Violence 5K
0:37:16 7:27 06/19/02 Longest Day 5 Mile Run
0:42:13 6:48 11/14/04 Phoenix New Times 10K
1:12:40 7:16 04/04/04 Roy Hay Mummy Mountain Madness 10 Mile
1:37:14 7:50 10/24/04 ARR South Mountain Classic 20K
1/2 Marathon
1:36:43 7:23 03/13/05 Valley of Gold Half Marathon
2:27:44 7:57 12/18/04 ARR Desert Classic 30K
3:29:47 8:00 10/06/07 St. George Marathon
4:52:51 9:26 11/10/07 Just Another Mad Dog 50K
50 Miles
13:22:54 16:03 03/7/2009 Old Pueblo 50M

As if you don't already have more information about me than you could ever want, here are the only records I have from my first running phase, from a race schedule from 1979 that I wrote my times in:

Place Time Pace Date Race
24 0:31:27 6:37 04/22/79 Surf City Beach Run, Rio Del Mar 4.75 m
32 1:20:34 6:30 05/05/79 Corralitos Road Race 20K
17 0:34:17 6:51 05/20/79 UCSC Open House Run 5 m
185 0:40:54 6:36 07/04/79 Bluegrass 10000, Lexington Ky
19 0:15:12 6:05 07/21/79 KDMH 2.5 m Stay Alive
-- 0:39:17 6:20 09/23/79 Nisene Marks Run to the Creek 10K
-- 0:35:54 6:15 10/07/79 Sunset Run, Rio Del Mar 5.75 m
46 0:29:29 6:25 11/25/79 Dominican Hospital Run for Fitness 4.6 m
11 0:34:40 6:56 12/01/79 UCSC Cross Country Run 5 m

I am out of shape right now, and my weekly mileage is very low. When I have been in shape, my weekly mileage has still been pretty low, like from 35 to 45 miles per week. During some training, my weekly mileage would go up to 60+ miles a week, but only for a couple of weeks at a time, not as an average training level.

Different plans work better for different people, though.

As far as goals go, I have lots of things I would like to do "some day." This coming year, 2012, I intend to do the Bataan Memorial Marathon in the "heavy" division, that is carrying a 35 pound pack.

I would like to run the Pikes Peak Marathon.

I would like to run at least one 100 mile race.

I would like to complete an Ironman.

I would like to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon again.

I'd like to participate in the Hood to Coast Relay.

Are you sorry you asked yet?

5k: 16:04, mile: 4:50, most of my pr’s were set from age 30 - 40, pre diabetes. I ususally ran 50 - 60 miles/week. Diagnosed at age 47, 5k: 17:50, mile:5:08, still ran 50 miles/week until Dec '09 (my last race 10k @ 37:30 at age 49, man was I looking forward to the 50 age group!) when I developed a foot problem that has hobbled me since. I got in decent mileage this summer but my foot started to hurt again in July. Started back up in Sept and am up to 30 miles/week with little pain knock on wood. Am using a heart monitor this time to reign in my training. Goals for 2012 are to run a good 10k again, hopefully under 38 minutes. After that who knows Father Time is starting to catch up!

Wow! Y'all are fast! I broke 24 minutes in a 5K once and sometimes will run 7:30 miles but conditions have to be pretty favorable. I am sort of vague goalwise as I had an umbilical hernia repaired and have been on the DL for 3 weeks but am gonna go for a jog tomorrow and see how it goes.


I ran my first 5K ever a few weeks ago - 21:26
I'm running 50-55 miles a week now (5 times a week) as part of my training for my next marathon (Jan. 12th).
If all goes well I hope to break my marathon record set last April (3:43) and may be even run a sub 3:40 marathon.

I have a 17:42 on the books (JDRF 5k this year) but that was WAY short. ;)

Normally I am right around 20 minutes. I seem to be better at longer distances. I'm currently running around 45 miles a week.

when i was 15-16 i ran a 5 minute mile and 17:52 5k. right now at 18 i run a 5:25 and 18:30ish 5k but out of shape.

LOL, "out of shape"! I ran a 23:17 recently, easy to remember, as it was on St. Patrick's Day. I was pleased to have run about 40 or 50 seconds faster than my prior best.

i play soccer and its the off season. i havent done really any running since December. My calf muscles are feeling those runs i did yesterday haha