Fasting and Hormonal Highs

Have any ladies on here tried fasting while on or before their period? I’ve noticed that my blood sugars can get high, especially when under stress during this time. I’m so sick and I’m so much pain from the cramps today that I haven’t eaten and my blood sugars have remained between 110-160. Thoughts on this? I’m really struggling, it was never this hard in my 20’s lol

I have to bump up the basal over the course of the entire day by quite a bit in order to not run 300. Its a significant increase in dosage. Fasting wouldn’t cut it for me, personally.

Would you say perhaps, a quarter or half more?

Yeah, around there. I typically start at 35% increase and then bump it up if necessary.

Usually, I don’t do fasting in periods because I feel low. However, I read one response of Dr. Jason Fung and according to him, fasting can increase blood sugar levels because when you fast, your insulin levels start to drop and your body start using the stored sugar of your liver due to which your sugar levels increase.

In my opinion, it is quite good way to empty the stored sugar of your liver and hopefully, after certain during of fasting, you wouldn’t face the same.