Fasting for medical tests

Does anyone have any tips for fasting for a medical proceedure? I am on a pump but no CGM. Thank you ahead of time.

Generally I do two things.

  1. I inform my doctor I will not do 12-hour fasting. They will usually agree to an 8-hour period. I have to remind them of this constantly.

  2. I have a bit late, check around 2 AM and 5 AM, I never drive if I am low. If that means I need to wait a day I do. Which brings me to the final part. If I do go low I cover and put off the test.

Finally, remember if you pump is well calibrated it will be fine. It is one fo the great advantages to basal insulin or a pump. It will work out.

Thank you for your input. I already did the first one and they said I could have a simple egg if needed and glucose.

If your overnight basal is set right, and there are no mitigating circumstances (extra exercisr, alcohol. late night snack), you’ll probably be okay. Bring some juice or glucose tabs, go early, have a driver.

Thank you. I feel pretty comfortable about my basals. I will just be glad when this is over.