Fasting Question

Ok question... So if you wake up with a fasting that's good but on lower side say low 70's. Do you still wait 15 minutes after taking Novolog to eat or eat after taking it? If my fasting is in 70 or so and I wait 15minutes won't it drop it more before the food even gets in me?Thanks

In our experience, if Ben takes a fast acting when on the lower side he will drop lower, sometimes even after eating. He doses after eating if his blood sugar is in the 60 or 70's. In your situation you may want to dose and eat, without waiting the full 15 minutes. As always Your Diabetes May Vary.

Not in my experience. The lower 70s are, imho, a great place to be before eating! Remember that your Novolog takes about 15 minutes to start acting, which is the reason to take it ahead of time. If you're nervous then bolus and eat. But with time you will see what works for you. For me if I was, say, 72 and didn't bolus ahead of time I'd probably go high.

So take it and eat? Or eat and then take it?

I would take the Novolog as usual and then just eat. I don't think of the 70's as being low. Sometimes I have 50's as a fasting BS then I usually eat then take my bolus. It works out fine for me.

I would just bolus and wait my usual 15 minutes. But if you want you can take it and then go ahead and eat. Don't take it after eating or you'll go high.

This is just me, but I'm not a risk taker. For people who can stay steady in the 70s, I think the advice you're getting here is great. It wouldn't work for me though. When I'm in the low 70s, most of the time I'm on my way down, not in steady mode.

Before I got my cgm, I've bolused before eating when in the 70s and dropped lower, even after eating.

So for me, depending on how much time I had, if I was in the low 70s, I would bump up my bg with a couple of sweetarts (2 g of carb each) and wait 20 minutes. Once I saw I wasn't continuing to drop, I would bolus then eat. But that's me..and I also have the benefit of a cgm so I can see if I'm trending down.

That's not only you. I'll bump up a low 70sas well. If I don't, I'm almost sure to be low during the first two hours.

It's important to know, if I will do a morning walk right after I have eaten breakfast , which I usually do ..I do wear a CGMS regularly ...70 is low for me at 72 years of age, living with d 29 plus years less insulin , than what my pump suggests ..almost at same time eat/bolus , 30 min . delivery .Possibly my response not helpful for you ?? However your finger pokes will hopefully tell your story ??

Thank you everyone for your advice it is all helpful. I guess when it does happen, if it does I'll just have to see which way works for me. I wasn't int he 70's today I was actually 82 which was great but I was wondering about that for the past few days.