Faustman BCG & TNF research

I just read an interesting Jan 2021 article for lay people about Dr. Denise Faustman’s research into Bacillus Calmette Guerin’s affect on those with T1D.

If you have not been following Faustman’s work, that article is worth your time.

It explains she has not convinced mainstream researchers that she is on to something, mostly because she has not built up believeable data with sufficient numbers to be convincing. While this may be true, it is also true Big Pharma is unlikely to be interested in solutions based on already-available drugs.

Still, it is possible her work will end up having made significant steps towards understanding and treating T1D. I am reluctant to use the word “cure,” but perhaps that is where this line of research will take us some day.

Her work has been referenced on this forum for over a decade, including one by TLG in this post.

Does anyone have any updates about how her research is going?

I’ve been interested in Dr. Faustman’s research for quite a number of years now. I considered applying for one of the studies but would not have been able to meet the requirements for testing. I believe she is on the right track and admire both her tenacity and her research. I am always interested in her news releases. I believe you can sign up for them at the website.

I am on her list of people in case she gets together another study but she currently has a decently sized fully enrolled double blind trial going (I think it’s about 1500 people). The trial is 5 years and I think they are a year or two into it and she has started the pediatric trial.

I have followed Dr. Faustmann for years. She has a great deal of trouble raising funds for her research. That has been the biggest stumbling block. She got some decent results not only for diabetes T1, but related to MS and other autoimmune conditions.

Fascinating stuff. It isn’t only the pancreas, who knew?


I wasn’t even aware of this area of study and it certainly seems that they’re only scratching the surface of how the metabolism changes after exposure to this vaccine. I’m half tempted to get the Connaught BCG right now, to see what happens!! (I am exposed, in limited numbers, to people with active TB).

There are many questions!!

Will it also help Type 2 Diabetes patients? Are there any long term adverse effects?

I looked into this they were only taking people where were diagnosed less than a year in one study and under 10 in another

Good luck getting a Dr. to give it to you. I tried :laughing:.

Dr Faustman does think it will work on type 2’s because the action that is working on type 1’s isn’t in fact doing much of anything to make the pancreas work better. The BCG vaccine caused other cells in the body to start taking up excess glucose.

Basically it created another pathway besides insulin to let cells access glucose. Which was a shock to her and her researchers as they were expecting some regeneration of beta cells but aside from an initial boost that tapered back off the pancreas didn’t seem to be doing anything different than it had been pre-BCG.

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