Fear of Low Sugar / Diabetes and Anxiey

Hello all I am new to the site! My name is Linda and I have been diabetic for 31 years, last 6 years on the animus pump. I also wear a Dexcom. Recently I have developed fear of my blood sugar level going to low even if its high and I see the arrow pointing down i break out in a panic attack.

I am working with my diabetic educator and a therapist to slowly work through it. but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? and what helped you get through it?

There was a good article over at ASweetLife on this a year ago. I've also heard very good things about using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), especially Exposure Therapy to help reduce anxiety.

Do you think having a Dexcom is increasing your anxiety because you can see that downward arrow? This site is very pro-CGM but I believe they are not right for everyone.

I have big time anxiety and I think it increased when I went on the pump, or perhaps when I started having hypoglycemic unawareness. The only thing that helps me is to test, my fingers are killing me. I think the CGM should be helping you??

This happened to me. The Dexcom made me absolutely neurotic. I'm generally a laid-back, roll with the punches kind of person, and the CGM totally reversed it. I test at meals/when necessary and it has improved my control while keeping me sane.

Since I was diagnosed less than a year ago (first post, hiya!) I've felt lots of anxiety this year about going low, not taking care of it, and passing out. I particularly felt this going into an environment with less control, so at work, out with friends, etc. I particularly got worried about going low in my sleep, maybe after a night involving alcohol, and not waking up. So, everyone around me knows about the emergency glucagon, which is comforting for me. In addition, as time has passed, I've come to realize that my body definitely reacts to lows- I will recognize the feeling and be able to act on it before it gets to be a concern. So a lot of it comes down to experience and trust. Sometimes I need to take deep breaths to help me remember it.

Yes I think that adds to it I look at in constantly but will not take it off i have lost my feeling of lows

Thank you everyone for you replies, it helps knowing i'm not the only one that feels this, I'm working very closely with my diabetic educator and doctor, i just hope it passes soon after 31 years its strange to have this worry now

Hello Linda:

When was the low (ie which taught you to fear)?

I was going to ask the same.

I used to be petrified of lows for about 5-6 years after this horrific low that left me on the floor of the grocery store... For me it was a very slow progress to get back to not panicking about them. I still don't exactly enjoy being low, and I think very few diabetics do, but I can live through them.

I think having a strong "D family" might help your anxiety. My boyfriend and all of the kids know exactly what to look for and how to react when I go so low that I cannot take care of myself. Thankfully, this doesn't happen as often as it once did. I had a lot of anxiety as well, until i realized that my "team" loves me and they are smart enough to take care of me when I need them to.

That's my .02. It works for me. Good luck.


I have no answers either, but I send support your way. I have had a few panic attacks in my life and I know how awful they can be. I also know how unfair it feels when the things we are trying to do to improve our health end up seeming to cause new problems too. Hang in there and good for you for seeking out the help and support you need.

Hi- I am a new dexcom user or 4 months. It’s really helped me but yes I’m looking at it all the time. I like how it helps me head a low off at the pass . It did at first make me a but crazy but it was better then testing 10-12 times a day. My fingers are much happier . I try to breath if I feel my self getting consumed by the diabetes and try to enjoy life. I have to constantly remind myself but 3-5 deep breathes and a few thoughts about what you are thankful in the day helps me get back on track. Great job on your part for seeking help and also for reaching out the this community for guidance . Your on your way to healthier day!

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement it really helped xoxo so glad I found this site