Feeling a little down

This isn’t Diabetic related but I thought I’d share it. I started piano about a year and a half to two years ago. It is going really well for me and I love it! About two weeks ago however i started having pain in my right arm and it seemed to get worse, not better. My teacher made me cut the amount of time I practice WAY back and today I saw a Choirapractor for it. He said I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I will be seeing the choirapractor twice a week for atleast four weeks and he said no piano for two weeks!! I guess I’m none too happy about it as I love playing. It will also mean I will miss a performance with my teachers other students this weekend. I’m hoping doing all this will fix the problem but I know there is a chance it won’t totally. If anyone else has had simular problems please let me know how it went for you!!

I have not gone through what you have gone but I feel I understand. When I was younger I used to practice my instrument at least 5 hours a day, it was like a safety net. I had some accident where I busted my lip, not a permament problem but needless to say I really missed playing for those days where I was healing. At the time I played a euphonium, a brass instrument so all I could not is press the keys and get no sound. It was like a piece of me was missing. I have not played in years but your post brough back memories of the days where my worries would go away with spending time with the instrument. Hope all goes well with your hands. I am in the IT business and I am just wondering when I will be hit with the Carpal Tunnel. take care and hope all goes well

Leanna, when my sons were little and sleeping in cribs, and I was teaching, I had the same problem. Carpal tunnel can be caused my any repetitive motion of the wrists…piano is one of them…but lifting boys that weighed 20 - 30 lbs out of cribs was also a cause. SO…I tried the exercises, I tried the wrist bandage, and cortison…none of them gave me the relief that I needed, in other words, it still hurt like heck. So I decided to have a carpal tunnel release surgery. I had one done one month, waited 8 weeks and did the other. I have had no problems since. Your wrists are a very strong set of muscles, as I was told, and that sheath that protects the veins is even stronger…if you don’t get relief from the chiropractor, surgery is an option. I am deathly afraid of surgery and avoid it at all costs, but I can tell you that this was NO BIG DEAL. It was same day, I had to hold my hand up or in the sling for two days, and by the end of the week was changing diapers, doing exercises and pain free either from surgery or carpal tunnel. Good luck for you…I hope you get it fixed, cause I know the horrible pain it causes. I am sorry about the recital. I love to play also…and know that you’ll be back at the piano as soon as your wrists heal up.

Thanks for understanding both of you. Cathy, I’m lucky as my recital was the week before the pain started, this was just going to be kind of a fundraiser thing. I will keep you posted as to how it goes for here!!