Having just watched the news which had a topic about the number of amputations on people with type 2 diabetes, the charity diabetes UK, I think described the situation as disgraceful or something like that sorry if it was not the word used, it appears from my po.int of view that it is a bit of a post coded lottery as too the level of care you get in the National Health Service, I have found so far the cover where I live to be OK, but it does worry me as someone who does not know if I have injured my feet when it happens my wife regularly inspects my feet and looks after them.

You know as I do the lack of feeling in your feet/ toes and sometimes in my case my legs is of real concern several times i have just collapsed because the feeling in my leg just went.

Lack of exercise does not help as I get our of breath pretty quick,due to a Dicky heart even in the warmth I can feel so cold I am sure some people do not believe me and think I am milking the situation wish I was, once a year I go to the surgery to see the foo/feet specialist cannot think what there title is,they prick and poke my feet use electronic testing equipment and usually say fine watch out for cuts brushes if you are not sure seek advice, as I have said my Angel looks after my feet without her i would be in a pickle,not very good at taking care of myself.

My sisters husband has a lot of trouble with his feet he lost several toes he is diabetic as well from birth so it must be type 1 if not someone will soon put me right, prevention has to be the right approach far too late if you have to loose a foot feet or part of the leg,you see and hear a lot about sugar levels let us have more about foot/feet care then it might be a step in the right direction.

Here the frost will take a while to go,the Moon is three quaters full and below to the left is Venus I think it is big bright and just the company for sister Moon the Sun is waking up peeking over the horizen so it might get beeter later.