Fellow Diabetics I Salute You!

Hello Fellow Diabetics,

I salute you for building this site and for keeping other diabetics informed that Diabetes is not the end, but a start to a whole new life. I have also dedicated my life to helping other diabetics learn and more about the disease and helping them cope and make informed decisions that affect thier lives. Kudos to all of you. I have shared my story as well as some of what I learned about being diabetic in my blog - http://iconfessiamadiabetic.blogspot.com/

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and experiences so we can all help spread the word to fellow diabetics!

I salute all of you!

Keep advocating for awareness. Symptoms you describe are mostly for T2 but making people aware is important.

Hi Betty J - Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the symptoms I described are for T2 because I have T2. I would want to know what T1 symptoms are. I’m still learning more about it, though in my opinion the best person to describe T1 symptoms would have to come from a person with T1 diabetes. If you are one, I’d love to hear from your experience too. :slight_smile:

Our symptoms are about the same but we lose weight quite rapidly and if we don’t get medical help we go into DKA (Diabetes Keto Acidosis) I might have misspelled. DKA is a coma that eventually can lead to death. With Type 1 our Pancreas stop producing insulin (our bodies attack our Pancrease and stops the Pancrease from producing Beta cells).

Thanks. I got you…I think its the best explanation anyone could get, first hand information. Controlling methods may differ but the discipline and care you put in is also the same. I appreciate the information. I share your pain, and I also share your passion for life! Keep Living!