Hi everyone. It’s been a long time since I was on here.
I have been t1 for 33 years. I like to claim that I have no complications. However I have duputrens contracture Fibromatosis in my hands and my feet.
I also have had both shoulders frozen.
These are more commonly co morbid with diabetes, but does it mean diabetes is the cause or is it just that whatever gene causes both conditions.
Or are they totally separate. My non diabetic brother also got Duputrens at the same age that I did.
My kidneys are fine. Heart is fine.
Anyone else know about this

Yep…I have the same conditions (except frozen shoulder). I’ve had four trigger-finger release surgeries, carpal tunnel surgeries in both wrists, and fibromatomas in my left arch.

I also have Dupuytren’s, but so did my aunt, who was not diabetic. Not sure if Dupuytren’s has a genetic tendency or not, but my hand doc said it’s not related to diabetes.

But, on the other hand, I do believe D makes us more susceptible to all this stuff.

Dupuytrens is more commonly found in mostly Northern European descent just like Type 1 Diabetes. It does seem to be a genetic disease and you are more likely to get it if you have a parent that has it. Over a third of the people of Belgium over 50 supposedly show signs of the disease. My sister has it and I know I’ve had a ridge in my hand I’ve been suspicious of for years now.

“Although the exact cause of Dupuytren’s contracture is unknown, risk for the disorder appears to be increased by alcoholic liver disease (cirrhosis) and the presence or certain other diseases , including diabetes , thyroid problems, and epilepsy. In addition, it is thought that genetic predisposition may be a factor.”

I’ve also had trigger fingers in both of my thumbs, but luckily at the time I had a really good acupuncturist that took care of it. The one I saw him right away for was gone within 3 weeks and the other I dragged my feet in seeing him took about 3 months.

20+yrs ago I decided that I had to do something about my Dupuytren’s. I believe that mine were from my type 1 diabetes, although my non diabetic father started getting them in his old age. We are of Northern European descent.

I went to a hand surgeon who said that he could do the surgery, but that I might lose my little finger. I wasn’t pleased. I started doing my own research and found out about needle aponeurotomy. Needles are inserted into the bands to break them. I believe this procedure was started in France. This sounded much better to me than surgery. There was only one doctor in the U.S.,who had studied in France, who was doing this procedure at that time. I went to Florida to have him perform the procedure. I was his 200th patient. There were only a few people in the waiting room, but most had diabetes.

Both of my hands were worked on. My right hand was claw like due to the bending of the bands. I was extremely pleased with the results. Over the next few years I went to two more doctors who had recently been trained to do needle aponeurotomy. One was in San Francisco and one was in Portland, OR.
Shortly after this I lowered my a1c from around 6.5 to around 5.2 and my hands quit giving me trouble. No more dupuytren’s or trigger fingers, and no more frozen shoulders.

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