Fifty Pound Marker!

Yessss!! Today, I have officially lost 50 lbs, and I now weigh 198! I haven’t been under 200 lbs, in years! :slight_smile: I am loving every minute of my so called ‘diet’ and the exercise… :))) You guys are such an ecouragement, too! Couldn’t keep motivated without you. :slight_smile:

Great Job!

Thanks Paul! :slight_smile: You’re a good friend.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now tell me, what is your secret? I need to lose about 20 lbs. I have a love/hate relationship with insulin.

Well, Chancey, some of the basic things I have done are:

  • I eat only when I'm physically hungry, and I stop when I am satisfied -- not full; practice and only practice helps us know the difference. This can be a tough tiger to tame for beginners... but this is the crux of why a lot of people overeat. They're just eating when they are emotionally, or mentally hungry... not physically hungry. There are books that help with this, greatly, like "Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating" by Geneen Roth (very cheap, used, on Amazon.)
  • I went to a site to help calculate what my ideal weight should be, depending on my height, and body frame size. (example sites:,
  • I used the NutritionData site to use their "Daily Needs Calculator" on the right bottom part of their page, to calculate the caloric needs for someone of the ideal weight I want to reach, depending on activity, gender, age, etc... And then I make sure my daily caloric intake matches that.
  • I pay close attention to the portion sizes of my meals, and the calories per serving, adding more or less depending on my needs. Many times, I won't even finish the meals, as I will become satisfied enough to not need more.
  • I eat less carbs. Eating less carbs simply helps with weight loss, as you need less insulin to process them (whether our own, or injected), and the less insulin floating around in your body, the less weight you gain. It doesn't need to be a huge restriction... I still consume about 70-90 carbs a day. I just limit them to about 30 per meal, maximum, and 15 per snack. Watch what this does to blood sugars... the less carbs, the less blood sugar spike. And the more complex the carb, the longer they will take to process, so you will feel more satisfied. If you limit complex carbs to 30 g or less per meal, you will find not very many surprises later.
  • If you are physically hungry, in between meals, have a small snack, either carbless or low in carbs. It helps speed up metabolism because you are obeying the body's alarm asking you for more fuel to run it's motor.
  • Skip the car every once in a while. In my case, I don't even have a car. I have to walk everywhere... So if the corner store is close enough to you, walk there... don't take the car. If the weather is nice, walk really far to some store you regularly love to go. Do this a few times a week... if you get a pedometer, you'll even feel more encouraged to do it. :)
  • Drink a lot of water... and drink to thirst. These are the new recommendations for people's daily needs -- not necessarily drinking 8 - 8 oz glasses of water a day. Since you are drinking to thirst, you will feel less pressured to drink water, and not totally give up on it. Skip the diet sodas, or the drinks with splenda in them. After a big amount of these, they too, can have a glycemic load. The only safe sweetener from this is Stevia. Limit teas and coffee as they have caffeine, and caffeine is a diuretic and you will not absorb as much water for your body, and it will just increase your thirst.
  • Use as many tools in your power to help you understand carb counting, and its impact on blood sugar... Like the NutritionData site, or simply getting educational tools like Carb Cards. I ordered some of these in the mail, and I keep them in my purse for when I go to restaurants, or friend's houses.
  • Cook regular meals, and limit your consumption of processed food, or restaurant food. If you are really obsessing over a food at the restaurant, as soon as you get the plate, ask for a take out box, and put the excess amount in the box, and just take it home with. You can eat it later, and portion it up better at home.
  • Don't worry so much about consuming protein, or fat, within reason. You don't need to go crazy on cutting down fat at all, but you can do things like consuming more fats high in Omega 3s, or avoiding trans fat. The rest of the fats are not really that bad when consumed on a low carb, calorie restricted diet.
  • Weight loss is work, and it takes time... Don't focus on the weight scale... They can disappoint sometimes. Weigh yourself maybe once a week, or less. Who cares! You're not on a diet! ;) It's a new lifestyle experiment.
  • Eat the things you love, and do all kinds of experiments to re-make the meals you actually enjoy eating... and how they affect your blood sugar. Lots of people have plenty ideas on here, for example, on making low-carb pizza. :) Have fun with it... and it will stick.
  • And as always... One day at a time. :) If you overeat one day, no worries... Forgive yourself, and move on. Tomorrow is always a new day to begin again, and no one gained 50 lbs in one day. :) This is what skinny people do. lol :)

Wow. Congratulations, must feel great. Start enjoying new clothes and feeling younger.

losing weight is not an easy task, congrats!

That’s awesome Lizmari!! =)