Fill Port issues

Hi I had an issue getting the insulin into the fill port but got it finally. Trying to research that problem to see if others have had the same issue. I ended up with a bent needle so started over. It felt like the needle was hitting plastic even though I was dead center of the fill port. Tried multiple times. But the plunger would not go down. I did the step of removing the air from the cartridge then removing the needle and turning the syringe upside down and reinserting but the plunger would not go down. Appreciate any thoughts on that. Thanks.

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Hi @T1D_Dad, welcome to the forum!

So I gather from your description that this is a Tandem pump. My understanding is that hitting that stop in the fill port is actually the expected thing, and should work fine, though they officially say it doesn’t matter if you miss and the needle goes all the way in. The blocked-needle thing is a separate issue—I’ve experienced it (more often than I’d like) irrespective of the cartridge insertion point. The recommended diagnostic is to pull the injector free, depress the plunger just a little, and see if you get some insulin. If you do, then yeah, just try for a better “sweet spot” on the injection port. That usually works for me. If the needle itself is bad—you don’t see any insulin—they recommend that you remove the needle itself and switch it for a fresh one.

Here’s a link to the official support page on this issue:

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@T1D_Dad The sweet spot is not always in the center. I can’t tell you the measurements but when it will not work the needle stops further out.

I will use the center but have had good results on the edges.

Pay close attention to needle length and if the plunger resist too much try another spot.

Practice with an old cartridge and syringe. I doubt Tandem will admit to this being an issue.

Syringe filling is always a struggle for me as well. I recently got one of the TSlim syringe filling tools from Amazon and it has helped a bit.

Never heard of it. This thing?

The one I got is very similar, not sure how to attach a link
APDTEK Tandem tslim x2 pump cartridge filling tool $15.99 Amazon

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You think tandem would get a clue the cartridge filling sucks when folks are selling jigs on amazon.

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