Finding a couselor for 13 year old T1 daughter

Does anyone know how to find a counselor that may have a specialty in counseling kids with Type 1. I think my daughter needs some help and I don’t know where to start to find a counselor. My endo has not been too helpful.

I would try looking for someone who possibly specializes in healthcare issues. I have Crohn’s Disease and found someone to help me deal with anxiety issues associated with my Crohn’s.
Are you guys a part of a support group in your area? Maybe that might help.
I hope she is okay. :frowning:
I thought my daughter (7 y.o) needed help dealing with her diagnosis…she seemed real nervous and scared. She was having dreams she was going to die…but we talked it through and she saw my brother (a type 1) is perfectly healthy and she doesn’t have near the fears she did in the beginning.
Good Luck!

I know of a woman in the Dallas area who counsels teens with Type 1 and has Type 1 herself since childhood. She’s a member here - Jeanine’s profile. Maybe she can give you some advice on where to start.

Thanks for all your great ideas. My daughter will be fine. I just think having type 1 just adds to the drama of being a teenager and I think talking to someone (other than mom and dad) will help her through this.

Your post was forwarded to me and prompted me to join TD. If you look on the Other Diabetes Resources page here - you’ll see a link to the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (though I didn’t find it the 2nd time I looked - still you can type that into the search box which will provide some links as well). There is some good info on their web pages (including the Diabetes Etiquette cards) - plus they may be a resource for you in finding someone in your local area (even though they are in San Diego).

I have a recently diagnosed pre-teen daughter as well - and realize there will be issues she encounters that haven’t been relevant to me in my 34 yrs. as a T1, and I know she won’t want to talk to dad or mom about some things. Encourage you to get involved in the “d” community if you aren’t already - it has had a very powerful impact on my life in the past couple years. Other than JDRF and ADA, there are groups available in some areas that have program offerings available for diabetics and their families, as well as mentoring programs for children with diabetes - a couple I know of include Insulindependence and Jimmy Insulin - might be worthwhile checking those out as well.