Finishing 1st vial of insulin - how to put more in the syringe?

So, we will be using the last of the insulin in the 1st vial for tomorrow's pod change. How do I know how much insulin is left in there? (Obviously I didn't keep track of how much we actually used ... that was the last thing I was thinking about). AND he will need more than what is left in the vial he has now, how do I fill the syringe twice? Will I pull air into the syringe with "old" insulin already in it & push the air it into the new vial and then draw out the new insulin?? Seems like I would risk putting some of the "old" insulin into a vial of "new" insulin. UGH!! :/

Sorry, I don't understand the concern :(
If it's about using the last bit of insulin in one vial and it's not enough then what I do is pull out the little bit of insulin in the old vial then go to the new vial and draw out the rest of the insulin needed. You usually can draw with out putting air in. Is that the concern?

Not very hard. First pressurize the new vial with a half dose of air. Empty the old vial into the syringe and squeeze out all bubbles in the syringe. Pull remainder of the dose from the new vial - all done.

Yes, that is the concern. I was told that you have to "pressurize" it (pull air into the syringe equal to the amount of insulin you need). If I don't have to do this why were we told to? Plus, if I draw the old insulin out then wouldn't I be contaminating the new insulin with old insulin by placing the syringe in it?

What is a "half dose" of air? Sorry if that seems like a silly question, but we have NEVER used vials before ... always the Novolog & Lantus Pens. Thanks.

Good idea Gary, just push a bit of air into the vial, then go to the old vial, draw out the old and then go to the new and draw out the rest out of the new vial. Perfect!

I don't know. I do know that you can draw out insulin without putting air in first. It's a bit harder but it can be done. I am also concerned about pushing old insulin into a new vial. I've thought about calling novolog and asking about this. I do sometimes just inject the little bit of old insulin into the new vial but hesitate for the same reasons you probably have, mixing old and new. So I just don't inject when in this situation and pull out the new. It usually works without a problem. In fact I did it today.

I've really never been very precise about this. Just do whatever and it seems to work just fine.

I guess I will call the CDE tomorrow (since we haven't had to call her yet) to see what she says. Putting some air into the new vial first seems like it might be the right answer. The mixing of the old and new insulin does concern me since this would be an on-going thing with older and older insulin going into every new vial. Unless it's such a small amount that it really doesn't matter. ??

not pressurizing the new vial won't hurt, but it will make drawing the insulin a bit more difficult. Just pressurize both bottles before drawing any insulin into the syringe.

Somehow my second reply never made it. Anyway, as long as you don't push on the plunger after inserting into the new vial but only draw out there will be little or no mixing and any miniscule amount will be irrelevent

i know lots of people here hate to waste insulin but we have good insurance and always have more than enough, i heard you shouldnt mix insulins from different bottles and we always toss the one with just a little left and start a new one, it sounds like things are going well for kyle, glad to here it!

I draw out all of the old bottle by just sticking the needle in. At that point, you don't need to pressurize. Once the old bottle is empty, I draw the syringe plunger out to full capacity and shoot that air into the new bottle, stopping when the insulin already in the syringe reaches the top, careful not to push any old insulin into the new bottle. This pressurizes the new bottle enough to draw out the insulin I need for a full load. I may push a slight amount of old insulin into the new bottle, but I can't imagine it's a problem, and it certainly hasn't affected my numbers.

Can you believe there was JUST enough insulin in the "old" vial to fill his pod this afternoon. It made me laugh ... it's the little things! :)

lol sometimes things actually work out! hope good luck keeps flowing your way, how is kyle doing does he mind the insertion? it he happy with his decision to start pumping?

I have done this: i withdraw the balance of insulin from the old vial and measure it, then put it back in the old vial.

Then i draw the remainder of what i need from the new vial and put it into the old vial.

Then i fill the syringe as normal from the old vial.

Gosh i hope that is clear.

Well, tonight he had a friend over for dinner and my son didn't have to run to his room to give an injection. He didn't say anything (& neither did I) but I know it made him feel more "normal" :) And, the insertion doesn't bother him at all. He said it hurts less than his Dexcom insertion.

Actually that is very clear and I think I like that/your way better than all the other ways to do it. :)

yup doing a quick bolus with his PDM is much "cooler" than whipping out a syringe! glad he is ok with the insertion, it bothers jacob sometimes more than others. but he can now do it solo, although i prefer to fill the pod because i think i am more careful about bubbles.... almost a week down?? good job mom and kyle!

Funny, Kyle does everything except the insertion. We aren't using the belly area unless a pod falls off at school (since that is where we place his CGM), so it's a little hard for him to place the pod on himself. We are now two weeks down and doing great! Thanks for all of your encouragement. :)