First A1c back since starting the pump!

I got my first a1c back since going on pump therapy yesterday and it is 5.5! i was excited because I thought that my a1c would actually rise where i am having hardly any lows anymore. But now I know that my hard work and eating is really paying off, hopefully i can continue to keep this up on the pump.

Pretty good numbers Jill=) Congratulations!

Woo-hoo! That’s fabulous!

Awesome Jill! Keep doing what you are doing!

awesome job! btw, what was your a1c pre-pumping?

Pre pumping i was 5.8, but that was with low carb strict dieting, its not by much but it makes me feel like the pump is working better then shots by the looks of it so i am excited

And congrats on having fewer LOWS, Jill …onwards :slight_smile: