Fixes for low sugar

Congrats for the 65 years! :hugs:

Smarties (US product) have the same dextrose as glucose tabs.

Mega Smarties are 3 grams each.

I use the glucose liquid the labs use for glucose tolerance testing. Our diabetes association sells it for $2 for a 300 ml bottle. I decant it into little 60 ml bottles and keep one in my bag, and one in the car and one by my bed. Because it is neat glucose it works really fast! And I only need about 30-60 mls. for an average hypo. I can’t say it tastes too good but I think of it as medicine. Alternatively Orange Fanta also works quickly and tastes much better than the glucose.

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I generally carry Ju Jubes with me at all times. I find they work very quickly when out walking/shopping etc. and juice boxes in my car.

Lifesaver Gummies stay in my purse. They take a beating and don’t crumble. Applesauce pouches if I’m traveling.

I use chocolate marshmallow glucose tabs or Jelly Belly jelly beans.

I have old glucose tab bottles filled with jelly beans throughout my house and in car.

In the immortal words of John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious.”


@SophieCat The Probar Bolts are delicious!!! I have used them for years as a slight pick me up. I like the berry blast the best, probably because it’s one of the ones that has caffeine.

I looked online and they are about 3 carbs per candy. I might try those.

For me I do reliable forms of basically pure sugar (that are vegan) -

Pixie stick = 2 carbs
Dots candy = 3 carbs
Mint hard lifesavers = 3 carbs
Fruity hard lifesavers = 4 carbs
Gin gin = 4 carbs
1/2 tblsp Simple Truth jam = 4 carbs

If I need more, I might double/triple on these, or do 1/2-1 tblsp agave/maple syrup, 1 tblsp of which is about 18 carbs.

Thing is, I very quickly get sick of eating these too (though I imagine they’re more palatable than glucose tabs, and cheaper?), and I really try hard to avoid having to eat them in the first place. I can see why a lot of people go for fruit - natural sugar w/ fiber and nutrients, better for your body. I just like having reliable carb amounts. Fruit may also take longer to hit and I want my low trends fixed asap (though something like banana, grapes, or pineapple might act pretty quickly). Raisins might also work - for me they equal about 1 carb each.

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Congrats on 65 years! You got me beat! Today I went to my eye doctor. I am 56 y/o. I have been atype 1 since June of 1985. I can remember my first meter was an accuchek. It was the size of a book. It took 2minutes to process a blood sugar after wiping the drop of blood that you sort of had to smear with your finger. Wait 1 minute wipe the blood and insert it into the meter. Then you had to wait another minute to get the result. You needed a tabletop for sure in order to test. What a racket!! We sure have come a long way! I am going to look for other alnatives than dextabs. Thank you for the suggestions.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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I am fortunate that I don’t have hypos often. I am T2DM on a pump and Dexcom G6. I have an emergency kit that has a meter, lancet, glucose tablets, peanut butter crackers and a Kind nut bar. This goes with me everywhere and sits on my nightstand when I sleep.

I have it with me when bicycling, but my go to for an exercise induced low is 5 OZ of my own concoction of 1.5 OZ Karo pure corn syrup (glucose), the contents of a couple of electrolyte capsules and strong coffee with a 1/4 teaspoon of instant express. The coffee is to overcome the cloying taste of glucose syrup.

This is a 5 OZ plastic flask with a bite valve. One OZ is 8 grams of carbs. The Dexcom data shows up on my Garmin computer and Apple Watch, so if I see a strong trend down, I can drink an OZ (the flask has marks) and never stop pedalling.

I was carrying Jolly Rancher chews that were 4 grams each. The wrappers were a problem while riding.

I keep the tablets at bedside for use only at night because I can grab them without hardly waking up if the low alarm goes off (I set it at 85 just to give some cushion).
In every coat I keep 1 or 2 reused test strip containers filled with brown coconut sugar - unlimited shelf life, tastes far better, and dissolves instantly for a quick fix, especially valuable on hikes and bike rides. 12-20g of carb depending on the container size.

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I use the small RX bottles that are a bit bigger, and the right diameter for glucose tabs. Still small enough for most pockets.
I would not use a test strip container for something I eat.

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carefully measured honey works best for me.

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(I enjoy exclaiming this with joy, especially when I’m low; maybe it reminds me of a commercial when I was a kid. My wife puts up with it. It’s important to WANT to eat, which is not always the case when family members are trying to encourage or force you to eat something unappetizing.)

Adult fruit snacks - Blue boxes of Motts are my favorite. One pack will usually raise your sugar about as much as three chalky glucose tabs.


I find the little kids’ small juice boxes a good source of quick sugar - the small size means I am not going to overindulge like I would with the bigger box and then have to treat the rebound high. At night I try to keep a small bowl of grapes by the bedside table. If I am low, I can eat a few grapes - 1-2 gms fast acting sugar each (depending if they are big or small grapes) and I can decide how few or how many is good for what I need. Usually 5 or 6 grapes works well and they taste great. I carry fruit leather with me as well as the glucose tabs - and the Dex tabs are the worst tasting of all of them available. Some of the others are much better tasting. Walmart’s ReliOn brand is actually pretty good.


It doesn’t make sense to use something whose flavor you enjoy to make corrections for a condition you’re trying to avoid. That being said there’s a big difference between something you can’t stand and something you can. If a cure is unpleasant you’ll delay it.

It depends upon how low you are, how fast a response you need, and how your body handles things at various times.

When I can I’d rather rely on a meal and if one is scheduled soon, I’ll use a minimum amount of glucose tablets because they are so consistent and scalable, or honey.
You can get honey in packets to carry with, but they’re messy to use. Sugar packets are also available but are messy to transport because the paper is not designed for casual handling, so you’d need [another container] for ether one. (

I prefer ReliOn orange glucose tablets for a very fast response. My alternative is fruit juice… I don’t normally drink juice. I also use well chewed raisins, vanilla wafers when I have access to water, for slower larger corrections, granola bars. I have at 5 tabs and a granola bar with me 24x7. It’s easier for me to bite off a part of a granola bar chew it well and throw the rest away then to carry smaller things that aren’t self contained. Many blood test strip canisters perfectly hold 5 glucose tablets.

It’s a little tricky for me to chose the right carbs in general because I have gastroparesis and it depends upon how empty my gut is how fast and strong the response is. So I try to split a fix BG fix between fast and slower carbs. I’m close to 200lb, so I get a response of about 3 mg/dl per gram when resting. 2-1/2 tabs or 1/2 granola bar is about 10 grams, good for 30 mg/dl. 5 tabs or a granola bar is good for twice that. That’s enough for 2 urgent low reactions. I carry more when traveling.

I’ve heard of people using cake decorating gel, but that stuff is absurdly expensive. It’s primarily corn syrup and food coloring. There are 1.2 oz squeeze silicone travel bottles that you might use to carry corn syrup. I don’t particularly like the flavor of it but you might. Corn syrup and has 23g of carbs per oz. Enough for a 60 mg/dl carb correction for a 200 lb pserson.

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I bought some life saver gummies but they tasted really gross. My taste might be off as I am battling sinus problems right now. Since the weather has dropped in the low 50s. It never used to happen until tge really cold stuff came. My stomach is feeling a bit nauseous and my ears are plugged. Someone suggested keeping grapes by my bedside. It sounds like a good idea. I usually don’t like to go less than 5mmol.I have hypoglycemia unawareness. I have amedtronic sensor and sometimes they can read higher or lower than your actual number. I will be so happy when the guardian 4 gets approved.