Treating lows

What do you use to treat your Lows?

  • juice box
  • glucose tabs
  • hard candy

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I despise glucose tabs. I haven’t had them in decades. They make me choke and they are expensive. I use Skittles which are one carb each

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None of these, I use Elovate, It is way better then glucose tabs and far more controlled than food.

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None of the above.

None of the above. I use Dextrose used for making home made beer.


Like computers, you might find they’ve changed a lot over the decades. Today’s glucose tabs have little in common with those hard, white, chalky B-D things of days gone by. Although they remain expensive compared with candy options.


Smarties or sweet-tarts (which are basically better tasting, cheaper, smaller dosed glucose tabs) when I want something really fast and with minimal calories (if I’m not at all hungry but just need to boost blood sugar). Also, they are very easy to put in pockets, bags, everywhere, so I’m never without. Otherwise, if it’s not too precipitous of a low, whatever food with carbs and not too much fat/protein that’s around that I’d like.

No, I don’t like any of them whatsoever. Skittles are so easy to carry around in screw on cap pill bottles. Besides, what is the point in spending so much money on overpriced glucose tabs? Skittles purchased in the larger bags are very very cheap

Any of the three depending on the situation, but most often hard candy. I have cinnamon disks, mint lifesavers and Werther’s Originals stashed everywhere.

Sometimes I use juice, other times jelly beans. They both work for me.

Depends on how quickly I need to raise my bg:

  1. Glucose gel - quickest
  2. Juice - fairly quick
  3. Hard candy - takes a bit longer, but a more level rise

The only reason I do not use glucose gel 100% of the time is it is a fixed 15g dose, and I find it tastes pretty bad.

I do use glucose tablets. Glucolift are my favorite. I love their cherry flavored ones, although the orange cream and wild berry are also great. I use them and only them because if I had candy (jelly beans, smarties, skillets) I would not be able to turn it off and stop eating. I find with glucose tablets I pull out one or two or four if that is what I think I need and I’m done. They taste good enough that i’m not gagging but not so good like candy that I eat myself into a rebound high. This is when knowing your weaknesses is helpful. I know a single tablet can help pull me just a tiny bit up and that might be all I need. Glucose tablets now are so much better than way back in the day.

Usually a glass of juice when I’m at home. I find liquids to be more practical for the big lows. Glucose tablets, though rarely, for travel and minor lows.

@Eric2 so what do you use?

@newbeach Interesting. How do you take it?

My son always carries Skittles; those are perfect during a baseball game.

Not in the fermented form Oaks.

A table spoon, about 10 to 12 grams works for me in 5 to 7 minutes.

I’m a cane farmer and fisherman and keep the dextrose in a small container
within a well insulated small esky.

If I’m really low and have fallen fast, 15 carbs doesn’t do squat for me. Rather than end up in worse shape then when I first because miserably low, I eat more than 30 carbs generally. It all depends on IOB, what I’m doing, how fast I fell, and what my current bg is. ie, there is no “one size fits all” fix for low bg.

I answered glucose tabs but I also use orange juice and life savers. It depends on where I am and how fast I’m dropping and how low.

If I hit 60 on my cgm I eat 5 Skittles and wait 15 minutes. Repeat as needed. Rarely do I need to repeat.

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Anything and everything. I don’t have one particular thing I designate for lows.

Whatever is nearby and available and something I am in the mood for. Depending on the situation it could be cookies, chocolate milk, cake, donuts, crackers, potato chips, a Mojito cocktail, basically anything. So many things have carbs, I don’t know why anyone would limit what they use.

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And speaking of treating lows… My trip to Sam’s tonight